Keep Your Artificial Lawn Clean in Los Angeles

One of the greatest benefits of installing* artificial grass in Los Angeles is that it requires far less maintenance and upkeep than natural lawns.  When you invest in a synthetic lawn, worrying about , fertilizer and mowing will become a thing of the past.

However, that does not mean you’re free and clear of all lawn maintenance. You obviously care very much about how your lawn looks; otherwise, you would not have installed* the best artificial turf Turf Now!® as to offer. To get the most out of your investment and keep your yard looking as good as new, you’ll need to perform consistent maintenance and cleaning.  

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4 Must-Haves for Your Next Festive Fall Soiree

Friends take selfies on artificial grass in Los Angeles

Celebrate the beauty of autumn with friends and family by throwing a backyard harvest party. Fall gifts Los Angeles with breezy days and cool nights perfect for throwing an outdoor get-together. Show off you home’s style by converting your backyard into an enchanting seasonal party everyone will remember. Turf Now!® Los Angeles has created a list of tips to make your holiday celebrations come to life. So grab a few pumpkins and some warm apple cider and let’s get the party started.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Yard Safe for Pets

Woman in Los Angeles cuddles dog on artificial grass

Every pet owner knows how important it is to make sure their home is safe for their furry friends, but making sure outdoor areas are safe is just as crucial. We all want the best for our pets, providing them with a safe area to play can be of great benefit to them. Protecting our animals from backyard danger can be completed by a few simple steps.

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The Truth About Common Artificial Grass Myths

artificial turf Los Angeles

Whether you are a parent concerned about your children’s safety or a coach trying to protect your athletes, you want to make sure your playing field is as safe as possible. There is a lot of talk about whether artificial turf or natural grass is safer. Concerns about the materials used to make synthetic greens and its resistance rate during play are particular areas of interest.  The experts at Turf Now!® are here to debunk the rumors and answer your questions about the safety and viability of artificial grass.

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More Than a Drought: The Southwest Water Crisis

Artificial grass wholesale, artificial grass Los Angeles

There is no denying the Southwest is experiencing one of its most extreme droughts in recorded history. National Geographic predicted it to be, “the worst drought in 1,000 years.” Lake Mead’s water levels have dropped to a record low this year. This has raised the eyebrows of water conservationists, who have been in a three-year effort to prevent such an occurrence. Lake Mead is a major source of water for Nevada, Arizona and California. Los Angeles, the second most populated region in the United States, also gets most of their water from Lake Mead.  What used to be America’s largest water resource is now at an all-time low, which leads conservationists to wonder if we will ever replenish the lake’s original bounty. It is imperative we find a way to make up for this dramatic shortfall.

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6 Dog-Safe Backyard Plants That Keep Insects Away

Artificial pet grass is a great way to keep pets safe from fleas and ticks this summer!

Los Angeles homeowners pride themselves on robust vegetable gardens, rose bushes and citrus trees. It’s a stamp of pride to keep something beautiful in your yard. Many homeowners who choose artificial grass also find they get pleasure from keeping a box garden or potted plants close to the home as fragrant accents and pleasing visual features. This is a great way to preserve your low-maintenance artificial grass while growing some fragrant blooms for your own pleasure.

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How to Throw the Best Summer Barbecue

Backyard barbecues are a summertime staple. There is nothing that compares to delicious food fresh off the grill with all your favorite people around. Kids splash through sprinklers, pets chase close behind, and everyone seems to be in a festive mood. While we can’t divulge our famous ages-old barbecue recipe, we can tell you how to create the perfect backyard shindig just in time to celebrate the warm summer weather. Follow these steps for a foolproof party your friends will be talking about for years:

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Summer Pet Safety Tips for Los Angeles

Summer is here and the heat is on! Los Angeles residents often turn to air conditioning or backyard pools for relief from higher temperatures, but pets do not always have the same options. They face an onslaught of additional dangers, as well, from summer holidays and “people food” to pests and allergies. KCAL9 recently hosted Dr. Jeff Werber, a local veterinarian who had a few tips for pet owners over the summer. We’ve compiled his tips – with a few of our own – for you to enjoy!

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The Best Artificial Grass at Wholesale Prices

Contractors in California hold a variety of roles. You might be asked to find attractive landscaping to improve curb appeal or even to find water-saving solutions for the whole household. All your decisions must be made with the consumer’s best interest in mind. After all, their satisfaction is what drives your business – and ultimately your bottom line. Your first priority is to locate the best products for your customers so they can enjoy your installation* for years to come. Turf Now!® L.A. offers artificial grass at wholesale prices for Los Angeles residents and contractors alike.

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5 Summer Outdoor Activities for Families

Summer activities for the family using Turf Now!® lawns

School is out for summer, which means the kids are home and everyone is looking for something to do. Don’t spend your summer on the couch watching TV; get outside and enjoy the summer months with the whole family! Turf Now!® L.A. makes it easy to have backyard adventures with artificial grass designed to handle the Los Angeles heat so you can enjoy it when it matters most. Get the most out of your yard with some well-deserved family time everyone will love.

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