Why You Should Buy Commercial Artificial Grass From Turf Now! in Southern California

Unchanging beauty, durability, and low levels of maintenance are just some of the many reasons why you should buy commercial artificial grass in Los Angeles, CA and other Southern California communities from Turf Now! With our high-quality artificial grass equipped to your commercial property, you can experience these benefits and more. Because unlike traditional grass, … Read more

Artificial Grass is the Solution to Owning an Inviting Outdoor Green Space Without Wasting Water

Home and business owners in Southern California dream of having inviting, outdoor green spaces without wasting water or needing other forms of maintenance. With technological advances in synthetic turf materials, Southern Californians can now have an enticing outdoor area to relax, entertain, and impress neighboring homes and businesses by way of drought-friendly artificial grass from … Read more

5 Must-Have Playground Ideas

Must have playground ideas for your artificial turf installation

Most people think of the same things when they imagine a playground: they picture a conventional slide, swings and maybe an elevated platform where kids can stand to look out over the backyard. While it’s true that every great playground has these things, there is so much more you can do to personalize your home playground and create a fun place for the kids to play! Turf Now!® L.A. has so many ideas to make the most of your child’s play area. Here are our favorites – and hopefully yours, too!

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5 Benefits of Wholesale Corporate Artificial Grass

synthetic turf for commercial landscapes

Gym turf, corporate grass and school playground grass all have one thing in common: they need to be made with top-quality products by companies that don’t cut corners or compromise quality for cost. When it comes to wholesale artificial grass, Turf Now!® understands your business needs a quality product delivered and installed* promptly and professionally for a flawless result every time. Purchasing wholesale artificial grass has so many benefits. Discover the ways your business can profit from a Turf Now!® Los Angeles commercial synthetic turf installation*:

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The Best Artificial Grass for School Playgrounds

Any parent knows children need space to run, play, and just be kids. When it comes time for schools to select the right playground grass, they should consider the same things parents would look at: safety, durability and fun! Turf Now!® Los Angeles offers artificial lawns suitable for high foot traffic and the most extreme weather conditions. Invest in grass specially designed for schools, daycare centers, parks, and wherever else children end up.

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Hit the Ground Running with Playground Turf

As a parent, your child is the first thing on your mind in the morning and the last thing you think about before falling asleep at night. You want your child to have every opportunity to grow up smart, healthy and strong so they can conquer each challenge life presents. Start with the gift of fun – a playground system your child will enjoy for years to come. Turf Now!® L.A.’s playground systems offer safe playground solutions to ensure your child can swing, slide and monkey-around in a secure environment.

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Community Examples: Schools Make More Eco-Friendly Choices

How many eco-friendly benefits do today’s schools offer the community and to the economy? With many eco-friendly initiatives in Ventura County or Orange County, school administrators can set an to their communities and serve a purpose beyond academic education.

While it is true that the grounds and buildings serve as a place to teach students, parents, siblings and the community are exposed to the examples the school offers to their own worldview for ecological living and can learn a lot from the way that the school approaches environmentally-friendly initiatives.

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How Synthetic Turf Withstands Heavy Use

Let’s face it. You’re rough on your grass. Whether damage occurs from your little ones or your pets, lawns show wear and tear pretty quickly. Sod is also quite a nuisance when it comes to upkeep, grass or dirt stains and weed control!

Turf Now!® saw these challenges and continues to boast the benefits of synthetic grass to homeowners and commercial business owners nationwide and internationally! Only Turf Now!® features a polyethylene and polypropylene strand created to help fight against UV damage and provide heat control. Did we mention this technology also helps strengthen the grass fibers, causing our turf to be more resilient than other synthetic lawn options available?

>Resilience is important when it comes to combatting long, tough nails from dog’s paws or the constant walking (or running) on the same path within a courtyard or a personal yard. It is also important underneath children’s play equipment, especially in high traffic areas such as underneath swings or slides. Because our products have been certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), there have been an increase in requests for synthetic grass surfacing for city park and school playgrounds.

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Children’s Safety on the Playground

Turf Now!® has always put children’s safety first. In schools and playgrounds, parents are always concerned that their children could fall and injure themselves. In fact, one school in particular in the Blue Springs School District of Blue Springs, Missouri had reported during 2011-2012 that 11 breaks and sprains and 20 visits to the nurse … Read more

4 Ways To Keep Backyard Play Areas Safe and Sound For Kids

According to WebMD, more than 200,000 children wind up in the emergency room every year due to playground-related injuries. Keep your kids safe and sound with these all-important backyard play area tips. 1) Pay close attention to backyard play equipment. The Consumer Products Safety Council applies different standards to playground equipment dependent on the age … Read more


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