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Turf Now is a leading distributor and supplier of artificial grass in Encino, CA. With a population of around 45,000, Encino, CA, is a serene suburb of Los Angeles, drawing in one of the highest median incomes in the state. This has led to an increased awareness and demand for artificial turf with all of its benefits.

Our turf is ideal for all types of residential and commercial landscapes. These include backyard lawns, commercial facilities, pet turfs, playgrounds, and putting greens. If you’re looking to save money on maintenance costs, our synthetic turf products are the way to go. For the last four decades, we have earned an enviable reputation as the largest Certified EnvyLawn Distributor and Installer* in California. As a result, we can provide you with the best value for your investment. Additionally, we are so confident in our products that we back them up with the best manufacturer warranties available! Ready to make the transition?

Why Choose Turf Now?

If you’re seeking an ultra-realistic turf that outperforms the competition, TurfNow can help. We provide high-quality synthetic grass for a multitude of uses, including backyard lawns, practice putting greens, pet runs, playgrounds, sports turf, and even rooftops, decks, and patios. Our products are popular with both business and residential customers in Encino, California, since they require minimal, if any, maintenance on your part.

Our synthetic turf provides a high rate of return on investment. This is accomplished by removing the need for routine upkeep and other landscaping tasks. Not only is this a tremendous time-saver, but it can also dramatically reduce your water bills. This is significant since Southern California has been afflicted by prolonged droughts that have necessitated harsh water restrictions. As a result, the cost of maintaining a natural grass lawn can be prohibitively high. However, with artificial grass, you can enjoy a lawn that is lushly green all year.

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Benefits of our synthetic turf

Low Maintenance

Ranking as one of the most important and most desirable benefits of artificial grass is its low maintenance qualities. Unlike real grass, it does not need to be constantly watered, mowed, or fertilized. This naturally translates into less time spent maintaining your lawn and more time enjoying the things you truly love to do. In addition, because artificial grass doesn’t grow, it does not require the use of a lawnmower. Lawnmowers are expensive, cumbersome, and even potentially dangerous. Synthetic grass also looks green all year long regardless of those water restrictions, weather, or use. This is a huge plus for older and disabled homeowners that want a beautiful lawn, as they might find it a challenge to maintain or mow a traditional sod lawn. 

Saves Money

Natural grass lawns consume massive amounts of water. This is a huge concern, especially in Southern California, where water restrictions are common due to drought conditions. Given these conditions, watering natural grass lawns in Encino can be a costly undertaking. Switching to artificial turf, on the other hand, has obvious financial benefits. For instance, experts have found that replacing a natural lawn with an artificial one can translate into thousands of dollars in savings. They also noted that if more homeowners and businesses switched to artificial turf, this would result in millions of dollars in economic benefits.


While technology has given us numerous tools and resources to maintain our natural grass lawns, these can eventually damage the environment. For instance, aside from water, grass lawns require fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Unfortunately, these often include toxic chemicals that can pollute the water systems. You will find, on the other hand, that artificial grass does not require fertilizers, herbicides, or weed killers to stay looking great. 

Then there is the lawn equipment. In the U.S, lawnmowers use a tremendous amount of gasoline each year. This results in massive air pollution from carbon emissions. A cleaner alternative is to install* artificial turf. It does not require the use of gasoline-powered equipment and thus eliminates carbon emissions.

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Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free.

It’s Easy To See Why TURFNOW! Is The Perfect Landscaping Solution.


Save time. Save money. Save water. Our beautiful synthetic lawns make saving water easy. And save your weekends for more important things. An artificial grass lawn requires little to no maintenance. So you won’t be out in the hot sun wasting time mowing and trimming your lawn.


Beautiful aesthetics is just one of the many benefits with a synthetic turf for your yard. It is always green no matter what the season.


We mentioned water savings already and further environmental benefits are that there is no need for harsh lawn chemicals nor harsh fertilizers to maintain the beautiful lawn.

Also, with traditional lawns those mowing and trimming tools run on fossil fuels and emit harmful exhausts. Make them obsolete with a new synthetic turf for your home for both the front yard and the backyard.


Enjoy your outdoor spaces more while you benefit from the investment in your home’s value in both luxury and curb appeal.


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