Turf Now! is a well-known supplier of artificial indoor putting greens and synthetic turf in California. For decades our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has been evident in the installation* and manufacturing process. Our products are made in the USA from high quality materials, and our synthetic grass is eco-friendly and safe. So it’s no surprise that we’ve become the go-to supplier for commercial indoor putting greens and mini-golf courses in California.

Golf has seen a massive spike in popularity, especially since it was one of the only sports still available during the recent pandemic. As many businesses seek to reopen after the shutdown, the number of indoor putting green golf installations* has increased in California. These include sports bars, workplaces, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, and indoor golf simulators. Our indoor putting greens are also extremely popular with homeowners. 

Let’s examine different installation* options putting greens, indoor golf greens in offices, mini-golf courses, and residential locations.

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Indoor Putting Greens in Offices

In a bid to reduce workplace stress, many offices have renewed their focus on holistic wellness and mental health. One of the innovative strategies employed has been redesigning the modern office space to include extracurricular activities such as indoor golfing. As a result, the use of indoor greens has soared in offices across California. Indoor putting greens and practice surfaces from Turf Now! are excellent for a range of office settings. 

Mini-Golf Courses

Mini-golf is exciting for people of all ages. As more people become interested in golf as a recreational activity, the construction and use of synthetic mini-golf courses have undergone a resurgence. The main goal of mini-golf is to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes of the putter as possible. This makes it an exhilarating social sport. As a result, many business centers and outdoor recreation areas incorporate mini-golf courses to attract clients.

Residential Indoor Putting Greens

In addition to commercial applications, we also design and build synthetic indoor and outdoor putting greens for residential use. Our unique turf is known for its natural feel, durability, and low maintenance. Turf Now!’s synthetic golfing surfaces have become highly regarded due to their overall convenience. For instance, golfers can play and practice at their own pace without dealing with extreme weather such as very hot or cold days. Golfers can also play at any time. 

Additionally, the turf is also very easy to install*, looks genuine, and requires no upkeep.

Why Choose Our Artificial Indoor Putting Greens?

There are several reasons why commercial indoor putting greens are in demand again. Let’s examine them.

Low Maintenance and Eco-Friendly

While natural golf courses are attractive, they require extensive maintenance. The list of chores includes endless landscaping, 24-hour water sprinklers, and chemical additives. Aside from the time spent, these tasks are costly. Synthetic turf, on the other hand, requires no maintenance and is easy to clean and maintain.

Grass golf courses use chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to keep them healthy. While these can help keep the grass looking nice for golf, they have also been linked to environmental damage. Experts have found that toxic traces of these chemicals end up in the soil, plants, marine life, and even drinking water. On the other hand, artificial turf doesn’t require any chemical use, making it more eco-friendly than natural grass.

Play or Practice in Any Weather

As fun as golf is, it cannot be played in the rain, bitter cold, or during the scorching summer months. Likewise, most public golf courses are only open during the day, so the players must pack up and leave by nightfall. Artificial indoor putting greens eliminate these limitations. Our synthetic Indoor golfing turf allows you to play in any weather or time of day. This is not only a terrific alternative to traditional golf, but it can help improve your game.

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With thousands of artificial lawn installations under our belt, Turf Now! is ready to take on your next indoor putting greens golf project in California. And because we never outsource any of our production processes, we can guarantee a lifetime warranty on all of our products. 

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