6 Dog-Safe Backyard Plants That Keep Insects Away

Artificial pet grass is a great way to keep pets safe from fleas and ticks this summer!

Los Angeles homeowners pride themselves on robust vegetable gardens, rose bushes and citrus trees. It’s a stamp of pride to keep something beautiful in your yard. Many homeowners who choose artificial grass also find they get pleasure from keeping a box garden or potted plants close to the home as fragrant accents and pleasing visual features. This is a great way to preserve your low-maintenance artificial grass while growing some fragrant blooms for your own pleasure.

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5 Reasons Dogs Love Artificial Grass

dog running on artificial turf by TurfNow

Dogs know grass. Four-legged family members are the biggest experts on the texture, look and feel of your yard.  After all, a game of fetch or a roll in the lawn isn’t the same without a lush carpet of grass under your dog’s paws. Turf Now!® L.A. offers the most innovative artificial grass technology to create a durable, natural look and feel your dog will love. Artificial grass is a smart choice to create a safe play area for your dog.

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