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For high-quality artificial grass in Venice, CA, customers rely on Turf Now!  In Southern California, hot temperatures, low precipitation, and chronic water shortages make natural grass lawns expensive to maintain, so artificial turf is a true gamechanger. Our low-maintenance synthetic grass has a look and feel that is unmatched.

Venice, long renowned as a sun-and-sand mecca for holidaymakers, vacationers, and surfers, has not been spared the adverse effects of the drought and water shortages that have beset the Los Angeles area for years. One remedy has been to install* artificial grass from Turf Now! Below, we’ll discuss why Venice residents are gravitating toward synthetic lawns. 

Conserve Water & Save Money With Artificial Grass

Venice, California residents understand the importance of conserving water. Unlike natural lawns, artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered or maintained. That’s why Venice, CA residents are transitioning to synthetic products in droves. Not only does synthetic turf conserve water, but it can also save you massive amounts of money on your water bill each month. Sure, synthetic lawns require an initial investment, but benefits like low maintenance and water conservation provide immense savings in the long run. 

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Relatively Low Maintenance

With artificial grass, your lawn will never need mowing or weeding to look its best, saving you time and money on lawn maintenance. Likewise, synthetic grass never needs watering, saving thousands of gallons per year. Our turf stays lush and green in hot and dry weather. 

Installing* artificial grass eliminates the need for agricultural and landscaping chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. This is yet another money and time-saving benefit of artificial turf.

Unmatched Aesthetics

Artificial turf is a great way to transform your immediate surroundings into a beautiful landscape. Our synthetic material is durable, attractive, and fade-resistant, which provides our customers with beautiful, lasting lawns. To see just how good our turf looks, check out our gallery!  


Synthetic turf is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint as it doesn’t require the use of gasoline or diesel-powered lawn mowing equipment. These fossil fuels have been cited as a significant contributor to increased levels of carbon in the atmosphere. By switching to artificial turf, you’re doing your part to help the environment.

Common Applications of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass from Turf Now is stunningly green, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly. These factors make it perfect for several purposes. Listed below are a few of the most common uses for our artificial turf.

Putting Greens

Maintaining a natural grass golf course can be expensive due to the constant care required. However, by using artificial grass, both traditional golf facilities and backyard putting greens can save money on maintenance while providing golfers with a more level and durable playing surface.

Pet & Dog Turf

Artificial grass from Turf Now! is a great choice for pet and dog turf because it is durable and resistant to digging. This will ensure that your pets do not escape from your secure area while playing.

Our synthetic turf also comes with an excellent drainage system, which can be a tremendous benefit because it reduces pet odors. As a bonus, pet owners with artificial grass never need to worry about muddy paws or dirt tracking back to the house, especially after it rains. 

Commercial Artificial Grass

If you want to have a memorable first impression on customers and staff, installing* commercial artificial grass is a great way to do it. It’s durable, weatherproof, and easy to maintain, making it a great alternative to natural grass for businesses. No wonder it’s a preferred choice by business owners looking to save time and money.

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Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free.

It’s Easy To See Why TURFNOW! Is The Perfect Landscaping Solution.


Save time. Save money. Save water. Our beautiful synthetic lawns make saving water easy. And save your weekends for more important things. An artificial grass lawn requires little to no maintenance. So you won’t be out in the hot sun wasting time mowing and trimming your lawn.


Beautiful aesthetics is just one of the many benefits with a synthetic turf for your yard. It is always green no matter what the season.


We mentioned water savings already and further environmental benefits are that there is no need for harsh lawn chemicals nor harsh fertilizers to maintain the beautiful lawn.

Also, with traditional lawns those mowing and trimming tools run on fossil fuels and emit harmful exhausts. Make them obsolete with a new synthetic turf for your home for both the front yard and the backyard.


Enjoy your outdoor spaces more while you benefit from the investment in your home’s value in both luxury and curb appeal.

It’s Easy To See Turf Now Is The Perfect Landscaping Solution.

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