Mini Golf Construction

Artificial grass from Turf Now! is a high-quality surfacing material that is ideal for a number of residential and commercial applications in Los Angeles, CA and other Southern California areas, especially mini golf construction. Our durable synthetic turf provides an optimal playing surface for mini golfers of all skill levels and ages. It is highly beneficial for mini-golf construction because our artificial turf is low maintenance, durable, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing. Installing* synthetic grass from Turf Now! for mini-golf construction can help businesses save water and money.   

Mini Golf 

Miniature golf – also known as mini-golf – is a fun, competitive game that is accessible to individuals of all ages of skill levels. It focuses on the putting aspect of golf but often with exciting and engaging puzzles, twists, and challenges for the players. For example, mini-golf courses often build stationary and moving obstacles to engage and challenge the players. But ultimately, mini-golf is a fantastic way to pass the time, enjoy the company of friends or family, and compete.  

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Benefits of Artificial Grass for Mini Golf

Mini golf is an exceptional game that is fun for people of all ages and skill levels. However, it can be made even better with American-made artificial grass. At Turf Now!, our high-quality artificial mini golf turf can provide businesses in Los Angeles, CA and more with a variety of long term benefits, including: 

Cost-Effective, Lower Maintenance Alternative 

Artificial turf for mini-golf courses from Turf Now! is a cost-effective and lower maintenance surfacing alternative to natural grass. Although it often seems cheaper upfront, natural grass almost always costs more in the long run. This is primarily due to its watering requirements and need for constant maintenance.

To maintain its full and green appearance, natural grass must be watered consistently. However, in Southern California metropolitan areas, like Los Angeles, water is a precious resource that must be conserved. Furthermore, wasting water on natural grass can be costly. Fortunately, artificial mini golf turf from Turf Now! provides a solution. Our synthetic grass does not require watering to retain its lush, green look. 

Natural grass also requires consistent maintenance from landscapers or groundskeepers. Without near-constant mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and more, natural grass often loses its appearance, browns, or becomes patchy. Thankfully, artificial grass is much lower maintenance. It does not need to be constantly cared for with trimming, mowing, or much else. Synthetic turf really only requires a quick cleaning every once in a while, making it a far more cost-effective material for mini-golf businesses.  

Consistent Playing Surface & Appeal

Unlike traditional sod, synthetic turf from Turf Now! is reliably consistent. It does not grow or wither. It maintains its perfectly trimmed appearance throughout its long life. This helps provide mini golf players in Los Angeles, CA and more with a consistent playing surface. The playability of our artificial turf may even encourage players to return to mini-golf businesses since they do not have to deal with the uneven frustrations that often come with putting on natural grass. 

Artificial mini golf turf from Turf Now! also provides consistent aesthetic appeal. Unlike natural grass, our synthetic turf does not turn brown or develop patches. It remains lush, green, and trimmed year-round. As a result, our artificial mini-golf grass is always ready for players to admire and enjoy. 

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At Turf Now!, our team provides ideal artificial turf solutions for a variety of residential and commercial needs in Los Angeles, CA and other communities in Southern California, including artificial mini golf turf. Our synthetic grass is incredibly beneficial for mini-golf construction because it helps save water, reduces maintenance requirements, and provides a consistent playing surfacing. In addition, the artificial grass from Turf Now! is also stunningly ultra-realistic, which helps create inviting indoor and outdoor atmospheres. 

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