3 Ways Artificial Grass is Good for Your Business

It’s not often that top-of-the-line is what’s best for your bottom line. But when it comes to landscaping, artificial grass for your commercial property beats the real thing every time — economically, ecologically, and aesthetically.

1) Upgrade outdoor spaces.

When the only option you consider for your commercial property is live turf, you have one of two options — landscape within its constraints, or forego it altogether. Real grass will inevitably have flaws and simply will not work in all lighting and architectural situations.

With artificial turf, you have unlimited design possibilities.

In the shade or on a slope, artificial grass poses zero installation* or maintenance problem. If you can envision it, we can green it, and it stays green all year long.

2) Save money.

The only way to maintain that perfectly-manicured, landscaped look with real grass is to pay the price. And even then, there are no guarantees, meaning you often end up paying for a less-than-perfect lawn anyway.

With artificial grass, you:

  • Will significantly lower your water bill
  • Will significantly lower your landscaping bill (i.e., no mowing necessary)
  • May qualify for an LADWP rebate

Plus, Turf Now!® artificial grass comes with 15 year Transferable Warranty, an investment in guaranteed perfection that’s hard to pass up.

3) Earn eco-friendly credibility.

Let’s face it, greening your business is good business. Mother Earth loves it, and so do consumers. Conserving water is especially important in drought-plagued Los Angeles these days. So the last thing you want your customers or clients seeing is your business wasting water on real grass when there is an eco-friendlier option.

Turf Now!® artificial grass also contributes toward LEED credits.

Where would you like to see Turf Now!® artificial grass for the landscaping of your hotel, restaurant, office building, or retail space? The sky is the limit — for lawns, medians, common areas, decks, balconies, patios, rooftops, and putting greens.

If you would like information about installing* eco-friendly artificial turf on your commercial property, contact Turf Now!® at 818-408-4639 or fill out our contact form and a representative will be in touch soon.