4 Ways to Save Money with Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is an investment for the whole family. All grass comes with a 15-year guarantee and significantly reduces household costs. Become a leader in your family and neighborhood with eco-friendly artificial grass made from recycled materials and durable nylon grass fibers. Reject the waste of costly resources like water and say “no” to brown lawns caused by excessive heat: Turf Now!® L.A. has artificial grass solutions that remain lush and welcoming year-round.

Lawn care. Turf Now!® offers the unique advantage of perfectly-manicured grass without mowing, edging, seeding, or trimming. Your time is valuable and is better spent with family or friends than on lawn care. Reclaim your life and eliminate unnecessary household chores. Embrace your newfound freedom with Turf Now!® artificial grass.

Water bills. Artificial grass installations* save homeowners up to 70% on monthly water bills. In addition to the financial savings, you’ll sleep better knowing you’ve done your part to conserve water, too. The California seasonal droughts will never impact the quality or color of your grass with Turf Now!® L.A.’s natural-looking grass.

Pesticides. Real grass requires extensive weeding or use of pesticides to keep bugs away and maintain a lush green look. Artificial grass requires no chemicals and only needs occasional cleaning. Prevent exposure to harmful substances with synthetic grass the whole family will love!

Rebates. Los Angeles artificial lawn owners are expected to save up to $3 per square foot with water rebates available to California residents. Rebate calculators are available online for artificial grass installations*, which are environmentally-friendly and made with recycled materials.

Artificial grass installation* is a big decision, but one that is ultimately beneficial for the whole family. Money saved on water bills and collected from rebates could easily be applied to household repairs, extra family trips or even lawn decorations to show off your new grass! Set the right example for your family and neighbors with Turf Now!® L.A.’s grass options. Contact us today to discuss which grass is right for your home.