5 Reasons Artificial Grass is Kid-Friendlier Than the Real Thing

When you think about the ideal play area for kids, a lush, green space likely comes to mind.

But for it to truly be an ideal scenario, think artificial grass instead of real grass. Here are 5 reasons why Turf Now!® artificial grass is actually kid-friendlier than the real thing.

1) Makes For A Softer Landing…Every Time.

While real grass can help absorb the shock of a fall, it’s unpredictable. Real grass is thinner in some spots than others, particularly in high-traffic areas. And you never know about the ground underneath, which can be hard and rocky in some places.

You don’t have to worry about that with Turf Now!® artificial grass. We not only have a protective padding underneath the grass, but also a realistic “thatch zone” that simulates the dry, cushiony material that builds up naturally around the base of the blades of real grass.

In fact, Turf Now!®’s playground turf systems are certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) to mitigate injuries from falls as high as 10 feet.

2) Works Anywhere You Want Kids To Play.

Sometimes landscaping and lighting issues limit where you can grow real grass. This is unfortunate in areas that would make for a great play zone for kids.

Turf Now!® artificial grass can be installed* anywhere, even if the area is sloped or shaded.

3) Still Usable After A Rainstorm.

After a long, hard rain, the first thing kids like to do is get outside. That’s not always possible with real grass, as the ground is soaked and can take several hours to drain.

Kids never have to wait long to get out on Turf Now!® artificial grass after a rain storm, as it drains at a rate of 30 inches per hour.

4) No Dirt Tracked Inside.

The thickest of a real grass lawn takes a beating from kids (and pets). And the more real grass gets worn down, the more dirt is exposed and, in turn, tracked inside.

The protective padding underneath Turf Now!® artificial grass acts as a buffer between dirt and kids. That means no dirt on their shoes or on your floors.

5) No Grass Stains On Clothes.

Even if you’re able to get them out, grass stains are a pain to deal with. And when they won’t come out, they’re downright expensive as an otherwise perfectly good piece of clothing is permanently stained.

Turf Now!® artificial grass is a biobased material made from soybean oils, recycled plastic water bottles, and a highly refined mineral compound recycled from electrical power plants. None of these components will rub off on kids’ clothes.

If you would like information about installing* a playground turf system on your property, contact Turf Now!® at 818-408-4639 or fill out our contact form and a representative will be in touch soon.