5 Reasons Dogs Love Artificial Grass

Dogs know grass. Four-legged family members are the biggest experts on the texture, look and feel of your yard.  After all, a game of fetch or a roll in the lawn isn’t the same without a lush carpet of grass under your dog’s paws. Turf Now!® L.A. offers the most innovative artificial grass technology to create a durable, natural look and feel your dog will love. Artificial grass is a smart choice to create a safe play area for your dog.

Hypoallergenic. Pets are allergy sufferers, too, and it’s important to recognize that allergens such as pollen, ragweed, and – yes – grass too, can cause your dog to have puffy eyes or itchy skin. Increase your furry friend’s quality of life by making allergy season more bearable with the highest quality synthetic grass.

Security. Whether your dog is akin to Cujo or Benji, Turf Now!® L.A. has pet turf to match your needs. Numerous upgrades are available to guarantee maximum security and protection for your pet to keep them inside your yard where they belong. Artificial grass is dig-resistant and includes durable backing with a 15-year warranty to ensure product quality.

Drainage. Pet turf features drainage rates of 30-inches per hour so your pet can play safely outside even immediately after heavy rain. ZeoFill™ can also be added, which absorbs odors to keep your yard smelling fresh year-round. Eliminate standing water to reduce mosquito populations and keep bugs out of your yard and off your dog.

Eco-friendly. Artificial grass saves on water bills. California’s seasonal droughts make it that much more important to be mindful of where your water goes. Some Los Angeles residents may even qualify for water rebates in addition to a 70 percent savings on your water bill. With money saved on lawn maintenance, you’ll have more to spend on dog toys and treats!

Cleanliness. Backyard pests such as fleas and ticks can’t survive on artificial grass, which means your pet is safer than ever from health hazards. A superior drainage rate and lack of dirt means mud is a problem of the past. Muddy paws be gone!

Pets know quality grass when they see it. The lush, natural look and feel of Turf Now!® L.A.’s artificial grass is top-rated for quality, performance, and beauty using the most innovative grass technologies today. Speak with an artificial grass expert today to receive free samples, estimates, and information about creating a yard specially designed for your pets.