5 Summer Outdoor Activities for Families

School is out for summer, which means the kids are home and everyone is looking for something to do. Don’t spend your summer on the couch watching TV; get outside and enjoy the summer months with the whole family! Turf Now!® L.A. makes it easy to have backyard adventures with artificial grass designed to handle the Los Angeles heat so you can enjoy it when it matters most. Get the most out of your yard with some well-deserved family time everyone will love.

Set Up a Sprinkler
A sprinkler is the perfect way for your kids to cool down in the summer heat without a pool. Hardware stores sell many different options including oscillating sprinklers, rotating sprinklers and sprinkler rings. Kids love to run through the spray with their friends, and even adults can enjoy the cool water! Our artificial grass comes with a drainage rate of 30-inches per hour so the water will never pool in the yard. All you need to do is enjoy the water.

Have a Barbecue
Fire up the grill – the whole family is going to sit down and eat together tonight. Throw some steaks on the grill or make Hawaiian veggie shish kabobs with mushrooms, bell peppers and pineapple. Make s’mores with the kids after dinner over the still-warm embers for a summer treat they’ll never forget. All this is perfectly safe with Turf Now!® synthetic grass. We have achieved a Class A fire safety rating to ensure the safest landscaping possible.

Camp in the Backyard
Set up a tent in the backyard and let the kids stargaze until they fall asleep. This is a great time to leave the technology inside and reconnect with each other. Tell stories with flashlights in hand or sing cowboy songs like they did under the stars in the old west. The best part about backyard camping? Fido is welcome to come along! Our pet grass is safe for every member of your family.

Spend Time at the Playground
The playground is a great way to burn some of that extra summertime energy! Use our padded playground turf for the safest play experience and watch as your child enjoys the swings, monkey bars, slide, and rope bridge! If you don’t have a playground at home, go to a local park or sample different playgrounds around town. There is nothing like making memories on the jungle gym.

Backyard Baseball
Toss some markers down on the lawn for first base, second base, third base, and home, and pit parents against kids in a game of backyard baseball! Alternatively, play a simple game of catch for younger children using a soft nerf ball. Some friendly competition is a great way to build teamwork. Buy everyone ice cream afterward for a game well played.

There are lots of ways to get the whole family involved in quality bonding time this summer. Take advantage of the best resource you have: your own backyard. Turf Now!® L.A. makes it easy to host a variety of activities at home for yourself, the kids, neighbors, and even family pets!

What’s your favorite summer activity for the family? Share your ideas with us in the comments section and remember to call Turf Now!® L.A. to claim your completely free estimate this summer.