5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Pet Paradise

Los Angeles residents love their pets. Cats are pampered with custom cat trees, dogs enjoy a plethora of dog-friendly restaurants and secret “dog menus” around town, and pet owners are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to spoil their furry friends. Turf Now!® of Los Angeles knows just how important our pets are to the community and to our families, which is why we have compiled five ways to turn your backyard into a pet paradise. With these helpful tips your pet can enjoy the outdoors just as much as you do!

Install a water feature. The key here is to make sure the water feature has a beach entrance (aka a gradual slope in and out of the water instead of a sudden jump or steps). This allows even the most hesitant dogs to test out the waters and enter only as far as their comfort zones will allow. More enthusiastic dogs can leap into the deeper water without hesitation and enjoy a cool bath in the summer months.

Install a dog wash. Even in the cleanest backyards, dogs somehow find ways to get dirty. Install a drain close to a hose or water source so pets can be rinsed easily. For ease of use, consider a handheld dog shower hose. This provides easier access to difficult-to-reach areas like under the ears, the bottoms of paws or under your dog’s haunches. Synthetic grass can easily be installed* in Los Angeles homes to help keep pets clean even after a long day of playing outside.

Find shade. Dogs love sunshine, but even in the winter, the Los Angeles sun can be a little too much for dogs to handle. Make sure there is a tree, doghouse or awning covering a portion of the yard to provide your precious pooch a respite from the sun.

Create a dog run. Pets love space to run around and play without the limitations leashes or training collars have to offer. Dog runs enclose one particular space so your best friend can enjoy the sunshine safely. Because the grass never fades or turns brown, these options are particularly popular in Santa Monica, Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks.  Artificial grass in Los Angeles is an eco-friendly option that pets love! Be sure your dog has access to shade and water when using the dog run to prevent exhaustion or injury. If you have a large dog, invest in a taller fence with a stable base or a roof to prevent backyard vanishing acts.

Add lighting. Dogs get scared of the dark, too! Add ambient lighting for a soft glow that will light the way for your dog even on the darkest nights. Lighting adds an element of safety, too. Light make it easier to see if wild animals have wandered into the backyard and also help prevent injury for both people and pets.

Upgrade your backyard with these helpful tips and watch your pets enjoy their new play areas complete with shade, lighting and luxury amenities! Your pet is always there for you; isn’t it time you showed them how much you love them, too? To invest in custom artificial pet turf in the Los Angeles area contact us today and request your free grass samples.