6 Dog-Safe Backyard Plants That Keep Insects Away

Los Angeles homeowners pride themselves on robust vegetable gardens, rose bushes and citrus trees. It’s a stamp of pride to keep something beautiful in your yard. Many homeowners who choose artificial grass also find they get pleasure from keeping a box garden or potted plants close to the home as fragrant accents and pleasing visual features. This is a great way to preserve your low-maintenance artificial grass while growing some fragrant blooms for your own pleasure.

While our artificial grass is naturally pest repellent, there are some additional plants you can keep around the house to keep flying insects away. We have selected six pet-safe plants you can grow in a garden box or pretty ceramic pot this summer to keep you – and your pets – healthy and happy all season long:

Basil is one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain in a pot, and it smells amazing (imagine the aroma of freshly baked pizza in your yard year-round). There are many varieties of basil to choose from and all provide some degree of relief from pesky mosquitoes. For the strongest amount of protection opt for lemon basil or cinnamon basil. These varieties are not just functional – they are delicious, too!

Catnip isn’t just for felines. Catnip has actually been proven more effective than the harsh mosquito repellent known as DEET, which is commonly found in store-bought pest repellents. Catnip thrives with very little care and is an attractive, leafy green focal point great for tabletops and outdoor bar areas.

Humans and pets alike love the soothing scent of lavender emanating from the garden. It can be picked for fresh bouquets, dried and used in recipes like our favorite lavender shortbread cookies. Fortunately, the fragrance we find to be so sweet is actually quite pungent to flying pests such as mosquitoes. This is a beautiful flower to grow in your garden box or in your favorite ceramic pot.

Lemon Balm
This plant, which is sometimes known as horsemint, is another great leafy green option to repel pests and mosquitoes around the house. This pretty potted plant can be added to dress up some steps, keep pests away from an outdoor dining area, or even keep the pool pleasant for summertime swimmers.

Peppermint is best grown in a well-contained space due to its extreme growth rates. If left unattended, this plant will easily take over the entire yard! We recommend using a pretty pot or gardening box to keep this fragrant green leaf in check.

We’ve saved the best for last. Not only does rosemary keep mosquitoes and other flying insects at bay, but it also repels fleas. This is a great aromatic plant to keep around doorways and high-traffic areas. Rosemary can be used dried in potpourri or fresh in your dinnertime recipes!

What Not to Buy
Pet owners should avoid toxic plants such as citronella, geraniums, marigolds, and garlic in their garden boxes. Oleander is also highly poisonous and should be avoided at all costs. Dogs are very curious and try to explore every part of their “territory” – even if they aren’t supposed to be there.

With these tips in mind you can create a beautiful, dog-safe garden to complement your artificial pet grass. Let’s keep Los Angeles beautiful – and our pets healthy! Contact us today for more information about backyard landscaping to keep your yard beautiful and pest free year-round.