7 Easy Tips for a Low Maintenance Yard

With summer in its twilight and autumn creeping in, many homeowners are looking for ways to simplify lawn care and reduce the amount of time spent on yard maintenance. Removing messy plants is a big step toward a reduced work load, but there are also many fun items you can install* to add to the visual appeal of your yard while keeping lawn care and watering costs at a minimum. Consider these changes to prepare for a maintenance-free fall season and make lasting changes for a better year.

Artificial grass. Synthetic lawns are growing in popularity due to their easy of care and natural look. Popular brands such as Turf Now!® Los Angeles offer a multitude of options specialized for your needs. Whether the yard is utilized by pets and children or is rarely touched at all, there is a specialty grass to fit your needs.

Alternative installations*. Grass isn’t the only option for the ground; consider mulch or rock for easy options. Gravel or stepping stones create usable space that does not require weeding or regular maintenance. Rocks are surprisingly inviting, especially when they lead to a comfortable bench shaded by an awning or tree. Similarly, mulch is weed resistant, portable and looks nice with other yard fixtures.

Remove messy plants. Olive trees and jacarandas might be beautiful in the yard, but both plants make a huge mess. Olives, while frequently eaten by birds, are not safe for dogs and other house pets to consume, which make them a hazard. Similarly, jacaranda flowers create a sticky mess that’s tough to clean up. Identify the high maintenance plants in your yard and remove them immediately. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Drought-tolerant perennials. If you must have flowers in the yard, choose drought-tolerant perennials that do not require a great deal of water and do not need to be re-planted every year. Since these plants are widely self-sufficient, you will save hours of planting and pruning in addition to saving on excessive watering costs.

Rethink focal attractions. You don’t have to fill the yard with live plants to make it look good. Yard installations* could include anything from a decorative chiminea to a fire pit, bird bath, hammock, bench, or variety of lawn ornaments. Many artificial grass companies offer putting green installations* for an enjoyable retreat the whole family can use. Consult your HOA guidelines and invest in something that brings you joy.

Cast Iron Patio Chiminea Fire Pot

Grow food. A garden does require regular watering and care, but at least with this option you can harvest the fruits of your labor (literally). When you receive something for your work, it feels much less laborious and more purposeful.

Keep it simple! Streamline the variety and number of plants in the yard wherever possible. Pick a few plants you really love that do not create any mess and get rid of the rest. Streamline the location of these plants to allow for ease of access when yearly pruning is required. Straight lines and geometric patterns give a clean look to what once might have been a cluttered yard.

When it comes to ideal yard layouts, less is more. Removing grass and other messy plants is a big step toward streamlining the amount of work required to maintain your yard. Additional fixtures like benches or fire pits can add to the usability and attractiveness of yard space. Enjoy the maintenance-free yard you’ve always dreamed of without sacrificing beauty or function.