Architects Turn to Turf Now!® for Artificial Grass in Los Angeles

Architects in the Los Angeles area consistently turn to Turf Now!® of L.A. for building design solutions. It’s no secret artificial grass has numerous benefits for homeowners, including reduced lawn maintenance, but synthetic grass options also hold appeal for residential and commercial builders. With increasing technological advances and a constantly improving product, more and more architects are turning to Turf Now!® artificial grass solutions to bring out the best in their design projects.

Rigorous Testing. Turf Now!® adheres to the most stringent criteria for artificial grass. Our products are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and all playground grass is certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). Turf Now!® artificial grass comes with a Class 1 fire rating certification to deter safety hazards. We believe not only in the ideals of these organizations, but also in providing high quality products for the businesses and homeowners that use our grass every day.

Eco-Friendly. Green practices are great for businesses and homeowners due to reduced water bills and low maintenance, but architects can also benefit from installing* synthetic grass in Los Angeles. For environmentally conscious builders, LEED credits are available for water efficient landscaping, recycled content, rapidly renewable material, and innovation in design.

Structural Benefits. Turf Now!® artificial grass is a lightweight product designed to help meet structure weight guidelines, especially for patio or roof installations*. The added expense of staining or weatherproofing outdoor surfaces is also eliminated. Artificial grass is durable and can even be installed* with TrampleZones™ ideal for playgrounds or other high-traffic areas. Turf Now!®’s grass options offer a 30-inch per hour drainage rate to reduce the possibility of standing water near the building.

Curb Appeal. Architects put so much work into each and every building; it is only natural to want to showcase the design with landscaping that adds to the luxurious look and feel of the project. Grass that remains green year-round without brown spots or patches is an obvious choice to make sure all eyes are directed to the building, walkways, and functional components of the design.

When it comes to complementing your structural designs with landscaping, choose the artificial grass designed to stand the test of time. Turf Now!® of L.A. offers a wide variety of grass options geared for residential use, golf, playground areas, or even pets! The options are endless – just like your building’s potential. Call 844-TURF NOW (887-3669) today to learn more about quality artificial grass options at wholesale prices or download our design files at