Artificial Grass Eliminates Need for Toxic Lawn Pesticides and Fertilizers

If you use chemical pesticides and fertilizers, that lush green grass you’re growing comes at a price. You’re not only polluting your own home, but also our oceans.

The pesticides we use on our lawns contain 30 common pollutants, 26 of which are harmful to humans. And these pollutants do not simply concentrate themselves in one place. They make their way into our oceans where 24 of these common pollutants are toxic to fish.

Fortunately, being an eco-conscious homeowner need not mean sacrificing the lawn you love.

Turf Now!®’s Los Angeles artificial grass – which requires zero pesticides or fertilizers – is more aesthetically pleasing than the real thing.

Of course, equally important is maintaining the eco-friendly integrity of the artificial grass itself, which is why Turf Now!® artificial grass materials include soybean oil, a BioCel Urethane coating, and Celeceram secondary backing made from recycled components.

Then there is the water conservation component which is incentive enough to make the switch.

The ongoing drought in California is so severe that Governor Brown has asked everyone to cut their water usage by 20 percent. Replacing real grass with the artificial variety is a sure way of doing your part as 30 to 60 percent of household water is generally spent on lawn grass watering and maintenance.

For any additional motivation you may need to consider artificial grass, consider this: You may be eligible for a rebate through the LADWP.

If you would like information about installing* Turf Now!® Los Angeles artificial grass on your residential (or commercial) property, contact us at 818-408-4639 or fill out our contact form and a representative will be in touch soon.