Artificial Grass is a Great Investment for Apartment Complexes in California

Apartment complexes in California can quickly go from drab to fab by installing* artificial grass from Turf Now!® Synthetic turf adds a sense of luxury and cleanliness to any community, and apartment complexes can benefit from all of its features. Turf Now!® artificial grass is natural-looking and high-quality to meet the needs of your residents, and it’ll help encourage new families to move into your complex.

Features & Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Apartment Complexes In California

There are a plethora of remarkable features that Turf Now!® synthetic grass offers large commercial businesses like apartment complexes. Here we discuss them in-depth.

Highly Durable for Foot Traffic

It’s no secret that apartment complexes have endless foot traffic from residents and their kids and pets. Gathering spaces around the pool area or central entertainment hub require durable surfacing to stand up against moving feet. Turf Now!® artificial grass will stand up to the challenge of being durable enough for your apartment complex dwellers.

Save Money & Water

Maintaining natural grass in an apartment complex comes at a tremendous cost, both to your budget and water usage. California experiences persistent drought, and many cities have imposed restrictions on how much water you can use and when. Our artificial grass for apartment complexes is the solution. There is no more endless watering grass just to have it torn up by kids and adults spending time outdoors. Synthetic grass will save a ton of money and water in the long run.

Great for Dog Parks

Apartment complex dog parks are a massive selling point for pet parents who want a safe place for their pups to romp and run. With our artificial pet grass, you never have to worry about filling in holes from digging or having mud and dirt tracked everywhere. In addition, brown patches of grass caused by urine are eliminated, and dog turf is optimal for drainage when cleaning.

California can get very warm, but dogs are protected with our premium pet grass. It’s made with the latest technology to stay cool in hot temperatures. A few other notable benefits are:

  • Odor control via Pet Friendly Antimicrobial Deodorizer Infill technology
  • No rain or water pooling issues
  • No discolored or dead grass patches
  • Repels pests to prevent common diseases

Turf Now!® artificial pet grass is the best solution for any dog area at apartment complexes throughout California.

Perfect for Playgrounds

Parents want their kids to be safe while playing, and apartment community owners and managers do, too. To ensure utmost safety on the playground, we offer a soft, cushioned landing for children. Below are a few benefits worth mentioning:

  • All Turf Now!® products can be used for your playground area
  • Soft padding gets installed* underneath each artificial grass installation*
  • Non-allergic and gentle on skin
  • Always dry and safe for kids with a drainage rate of 30 inches per hour

The manufacturing process of Turf Now!® playground turf creates a product that will hold up against heavy foot traffic from children, and it maintains a cooler temperature for additional child safety.

Putting Greens for Entertainment Areas

Get people excited about living in your apartment complex by offering activities such as a putting green. At Turf Now!®, we provide custom-designed putting greens to transform a dull space into a place for fun and entertainment. Our synthetic turf greens look and feel realistic, making them a top choice for commercial applications. Bring the relaxing game of golf to your residents by adding putting greens to your California apartment complex.

Contact Our Experts

At Turf Now!®, we’re highly experienced in working with apartment buildings. We know all the ins and outs of installing* synthetic grass for public spaces with a lot of foot traffic. Turf Now!® is an outstanding artificial turf provider in California, and we’re here to help you transform your apartment complex. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.