Artificial Grass is the Solution to Owning an Inviting Outdoor Green Space Without Wasting Water

Home and business owners in Southern California dream of having inviting, outdoor green spaces without wasting water or needing other forms of maintenance. With technological advances in synthetic turf materials, Southern Californians can now have an enticing outdoor area to relax, entertain, and impress neighboring homes and businesses by way of drought-friendly artificial grass from Turf Now! Our first-rate, drought-tolerant synthetic turf offers numerous benefits, including water conservation.

Artificial Grass & California Droughts

A sizable portion of the State of California is desert, and with millions of residents, there is often a concern about whether or not there is enough water to go around. Recently, California has entered a statewide drought, and measures are being taken to help conserve the state’s water supply. Unfortunately, this often means cutting back on water use for non-essential activities, such as watering natural grass lawns and washing cars.

commercial artificial turf installed outside of commercial office building

Fortunately, for those in Southern California, saving water has become a common practice for households and businesses as a way to contribute to statewide conservation efforts. While there are many ways to help conserve water, one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce your water usage is by installing* artificial grass.

However, drought resistance is not the only advantage of installing* synthetic turf from Turf Now! Our high-quality artificial grass products also look and feel like natural grass, making them stunning additions to any property. Our turf is also incredibly durable and low-maintenance. So it will look attractive for years to come without succumbing to wear and tear or requiring constant upkeep.

At Turf Now!, our artificial grass lawns are a drought-resistant solution for maintaining an inviting, green outdoor space without wasting water. We have several unique synthetic turf options to choose from that can help fit you and your property’s unique needs. By installing* a drought-resistant yard in place of your traditional, natural grass, you can do your part to help the State of California and conserve one of our most precious resources.

Drought-Friendly Synthetic Turf Options From Turf Now!

Creating a gorgeous green space at your home or business is easy with the artificial grass from Turf Now! Our artificial grass cohesively works with other property features and foliage. Once installed*, our drought-tolerant turf lasts for years and remains green and vibrant despite foot traffic, weather, and several other wear and tear factors.

Turf Now! customers can purchase quality artificial turf for a wide range of applications. However, our most popular drought-resistant synthetic grass products to help reduce water waste include:

At Turf Now!, our drought-resistant synthetic turf products are practical for commercial and residential use. All of our artificial grass products look and feel natural. So you can bring your landscape to life with artificial grass, backyard putting greens, pet turf, and more from Turf Now!

For commercial businesses, we have various drought-friendly artificial grass systems that are sure to create a great first impression and keep friends or customers coming back. For example, grass storefronts are a wonderful way to invite guests into your business. However, artificial grass can be more than just pleasing to the eye. Pet businesses can install* artificial pet turf to help create safer, cleaner environments for their furry clientele. Likewise, schools can take advantage of synthetic turf for safer playgrounds. With quality, drought-friendly synthetic grass from Turf Now!, the possibilities are nearly endless, and they all contribute to water conservation!

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