Artificial Grass Provides Year-Round Beauty

If you have been dreaming of owning beautiful landscaping that lasts all year long in sunny Southern California communities, such as Los Angeles, CA, then rely on artificial grass from Turf Now!® Don’t settle for grass that gets unsightly in different seasons and unfavorable weather conditions when you can have glorious, well-manicured synthetic grass that delights every day of the year. You can only make a first impression once, so let’s make them count. With synthetic grass from Turf Now!, you will always be excited to invite family, friends, employees, clients, or guests onto your residential or commercial property with lively and luscious landscaping that is inviting and comfortable.

Artificial grass from Turf Now!® is highly advanced and has experienced decades of research and development. As a result, our Southern California customers can finally have the ideal landscaping they have always imagined. We offer a wide variety of drought-tolerant synthetic grass for all types of properties and uses. When you have artificial grass, the aesthetics are always on point. You will get to experience luxurious and ultra-realistic grass that is always ready to impress you and your guests.

Dimension and color are important to us at Turf Now!®, and we are proud to offer synthetic turf that really captures the true essence of the perfect lawn. That perfection can seem impossible to attain, but not with the artificial grass products from Turf Now!® Now, you can have what is so hard for nature to maintain every day of the year – rain or shine.

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Why Choose Turf Now!® In Southern California?

There are many artificial turf companies out there to choose from, but Turf Now!® is the one that can deliver the whole experience with our high-quality, drought-resistant artificial grass. Based in Southern California, we understand the specific needs of this climate better than anyone. We are also the largest Certified EnvyLawn Distributer and installer* around. So don’t use a cheap imitation that will leave you embarrassed when you can have superior synthetic grass from Turf Now!® Our drought-tolerant artificial grass is made in the USA and recyclable. We serve several areas in Southern California, from San Diego to Simi Valley.

Incredible Benefits

The beauty of a vibrant green expanse from Turf Now!® is likely to put an incredible smile on your face. However, good looks are not the only benefit our artificial turf can provide. It can also help keep your money in your wallet! Turf Now!® is a factory direct wholesale supplier with phenomenally competitive prices. We also offer an affordable business financing program as well as hassle-free shipping. Adding artificial grass to your property is a long-lasting investment that will most likely add value. Plus, you will save a lot of money over the years on water and maintenance.

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Innovative Uses

The possibilities are nearly endless with drought-friendly landscaping from Turf Now!® No matter the type of property, there are so many creative uses for synthetic grass. For example, you can be bold and create a unique deck with a low-maintenance green expanse or delight your children and pets with a safer, padded play area that will last for years. You may even choose to create a team-building space for your business with an outdoor artificial grass putting green. No matter what you decide to do, we have synthetic turf products to help make it happen. Just go for it.

Check out some of the most popular uses of our synthetic grass here:

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Artificial grass from Turf Now!® can provide residential homes and commercial businesses in Southern California communities like Los Angeles, CA with year-round beauty. Our high-quality synthetic turf is ultra-realistic in look and feel, making it an incredibly attractive landscaping option. By using our drought-resistant artificial grass, our customers gain an environmentally friendly lawn that allows the ground to breathe and drain properly. As a result, you will not need to worry about muddy areas, holes, bare spots, yellow stains, or other issues that may ruin your space.

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