Artificial Sports Grass for Los Angeles Athletes

Artificial grass has taken Los Angeles by storm, but there is one particular field where we are able to offer significant protection against injury and superior training solutions to improve performance: athletics. Turf Now!® has spent years developing and testing artificial sports turf, and athletes across Los Angeles are taking note. We currently offer two different types of athletic turf, each designed for a different purpose:

  • Speed Turf
  • Track Turf

Speed Turf, liked that used in The Micheli Center, is designed for weight rooms and training facilities because of its superior stability. Track Turf is preferred for agility because of its ability to absorb impact. Both turf types prevent common sports injuries that occur on harder, unforgiving surfaces life rubber.

Many companies come to us and mention that they are considering a few different flooring options for their facilities, one of which is usually rubber. We find most athletes who train on rubber surfaces dislike the “stick factor” because it makes them hesitate when they should be training. This is even more important in sports injury prevention or rehab facilities where athletes have experienced slips, falls or trips that led to the initial injury. Not only that, but rubber is a relatively hard surface. There is very little cushion in the event of a fall, making it more likely to cause more injuries.

In addition to superior safety, Turf Now!®’s artificial sport turf is also hygienic. We never use infill in our athletic turf and our surfaces are designed to withstand regular cleaning and disinfectant to reduce the risk of staph infections and mold growth. Regular cleaning is the best way to keep your facilities in like-new condition.

Turf Now!® is the only company in the industry to use a low pile blended polyethylene and nylon blend. This blend reduces friction that holds athletes back from achieving their peak performance. Our 5mm reinforced foam back provides shock absorbency to reduce the risk of athletic injury.

Our artificial sports turf is ideal for:

  • Gyms
  • Weight lifting
  • Batting cages
  • Soccer fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Running tracks
  • & more!

The best part about Turf Now!® L.A.’s artificial athletic turf? It can be installed* directly on top of existing rubber surfaces to save you money and provide extra padding for athletes. Kevin Wolfe, general manager of The Micheli Center, said of his turf installation*, “Our clients are much happier working out on the more forgiving surface, our trainers are able to incorporate more exercises than before such as sled pulls, and our facility looks more professional.”