As California’s Drought Worsens, Artificial Grass Becomes an Even More Viable Alternative

The statistics regarding California’s severe drought conditions continue to worsen. According to The National Weather Services Drought Monitor Update for July 15, 2014, 81% of California falls in the category of extreme drought or worse. Three months ago this number was 68%.

With city and state officials cracking down on water wasters and several cities in the California region with water restrictions in place, the spotlight is shining brightly on each individual and what he/she can do to conserve. One proven way to conserve water, and save money in the process, is to install* Turf Now!® artificial grass at your home or business.

The average American household uses approximately 320 gallons of water per day, with about 30% of that devoted to outdoor uses. In drier climates such as what we are experiencing in California outdoor water use can be as high as 60%. Imagine for a moment how much water you would conserve if you no longer had to water your lawn. Those who have installed* Turf Now!® artificial grass don’t have to imagine because it is their reality.

In addition to conserving thousands of gallons of water each month, you will also save significantly in the form of lower water bills. Add in a perfectly manicured lawn that requires little to no maintenance and you can see that doing your part in conserving water comes with additional benefits.

When it comes to the drought in California all of us want to be a part of the solution. When searching for solutions the best place to begin is by looking at the specifics of your water use. With so much of our water use going toward maintaining our lawns, Californians perhaps more than anyone can benefit from what artificial grass has to offer in terms of conserving water where we live.