Behind the Scenes: How is Turf Now!® La’s Artificial Grass Manufactured?

Turf Now!® L.A.’s socially-conscious business practices are taking Los Angeles by storm! We recently blogged about the specific products that go into making Turf Now!® artificial grass the safest (and most eco-friendly) option for homes and businesses in California. This second segment of a three-part series aims to explain the thought processes behind the manufacturing of our grass. Learn how Turf Now!® has created the market’s most innovative products and experience our facilities yourself with a quick tour through our warehouse.

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So, how does Turf Now!® bring top quality synthetic grass to Los Angeles residents? It all starts in our manufacturing facilities.

Thread is Created to Form Yarn

  • First, strands of green thread are created, which are then cooled and solidified in a trough of water.
  • Machinery pulls the new strands through a large comb to separate them before they go to the rollers.
  • Thread fibers are then stretched to strengthen the material and create a realistic look.
  • Thread is rolled into giant spools that are then spun into a multi-ply synthetic yarn.
  • Yarn is superheated with steam to create bulk and texture.

Yarn is Attached to Synthetic Backing

  • In a separate area, mesh fabric merges with synthetic sheeting (made with the recycled plastics and soybean oils mentioned in part one of this series) to create our grass backing.
  • Yarn travels through tubing to a something called a “tufting machine,” which sews the grass into the mesh backing.
  • As the tufting machine sews, small knives cut the looped yard from underneath to create the look of spiked grass.
  • A giant roller then picks up an adhesive to cement the synthetic backing to the mesh.
  • Driers at carefully-controlled temperatures cool the adhesive.
  • Hot pins burn holes in the newly-created grass to make the surface water-permeable.

Quality Control Checks

  • “Carpets” of grass are created and cut for size.
  • Fibers are measured for consistency.
  • Loose fibers are removed.
  • Grass is tested for durability using a machine that simulates daily use.

Shipments are Sent!

  • Artificial grass is carefully wrapped and stored in our warehouses until a purchase is made.
  • Only after this rigorous process does our warehouse make shipments to Turf Now!® L.A. for consumers to enjoy.

Santa Monica, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and other suburbs across Los Angeles are raving about Turf Now!®’s pet turf, athletic surfaces and grass for both residential and business areas. Speak with a Turf Now!® L.A. expert now to learn more about the type of grass that’s best for you. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at this topic in February.