Benefits of Installing Turf Now!® Artificial Grass in Los Angeles

The recent ongoing drought in Southern California has caused officials to impose severe water restrictions on homeowners and businesses. One obvious consequence of these restrictions is an increase in the overall cost of maintaining ordinary grass lawns. For many residential and commercial customers, the best alternative option has been to install* artificial grass from Turf Now!®

It’s easy to see why this solution has become so popular; the turf is incredibly green, durable, low maintenance, and doesn’t require water to maintain its brilliance. Installing* synthetic grass is a no-brainer when considering the region’s high cost of living.

Turf Now® is one of the most reputable artificial turf manufacturers and installers* in Los Angeles and San Diego. At first glance, it’s easy to see why we have excelled as a synthetic turf supplier in Southern California; our product is 100 percent recyclable, comes with a 15-year manufacturer warranty, and is designed using cutting-edge technology. As a result, it has become the obvious choice for residential and commercial consumers in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Artificial Grass Applications

Maintaining natural grass lawns in Los Angeles is prohibitively expensive due to ongoing water restrictions. As a result, many households and companies are looking for more creative solutions. One of them is to install* Los Angeles artificial grass lawns to replace traditional grass surfaces. Here are a few examples of the most typical uses in SoCal:

  • Residential backyard turf
  • Roof deck and patio
  • Pet and dog turf
  • Playground turf
  • Commercial turf (shopping malls)
  • Agility turf
  • Putting Greens

This list is a handful of common applications, but we can install* artificial grass almost anywhere!

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Benefits Of Artificial Turf

We briefly mentioned the inherent benefits of installing* artificial turf, but let’s discuss these further.

Synthetic Turf Always Looks Immaculate

Keeping grass green in the heat of southern California summers can be a real challenge. It requires an endless supply of water, as well as chemicals like fertilizers and insecticides. Even then, there’s no guarantee that the grass will stay in pristine condition. Brownish spots appear due to moisture loss caused by long-term exposure to UV rays. It’s obvious that the better alternative is to install* artificial turf. The turf never fades and maintains its spectacular appearance throughout the year. Check out our gallery to see available options.

Save Time on Low Maintenance Turf

Nowhere is the saying “time is money” more true than in Southern California. The fast-paced life, combined with the high cost of living, puts a significant burden on the time needed for lawn care. This is hardly unexpected given the staggering number of chores required to keep grass lawns looking presentable. These include mowing, weeding, seeding, edging, and so on. All of this is in addition to the continuing landscaping care contracts required in most housing complexes. Therefore, installing* artificial turf is the best option. Further than cleaning the blades with water to remove dirt and blowing the leaves using a blower, there are no other maintenance responsibilities.


California is a leader in environmental conservation. This has resulted in a greater emphasis on the intrinsic risks of toxins and fossil fuels and their consequences on the ecosystem. This naturally brings us to herbicides and fertilizers used in landscaping. Toxic substances from farm and landscaping pesticides, according to environmental scientists, can eventually show up in our soil, vegetation, and even drinking water.

Furthermore, because landscaping equipment runs on fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline, it contributes significantly to carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Replacing your natural grass lawn with synthetic turf is thus a safe and environmentally friendly option.

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Our superior customer service and a 15-year warranty demonstrate Turf Now!®’s dedication to excellence. Not sure which type of synthetic turf is best for you? Our support team can walk you through all of the available alternatives and help you determine which one best meets your needs. Additionally, we can conduct an on-site inspection of your property to identify the best lawn product for you. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.