Commercial Benefits of Los Angeles Artificial Lawns

When it comes to commercial synthetic lawns, shouldn’t your grass be as strong and durable as your business? With over a decade in the industry, Turf Now!® has displayed leadership through environmentally friendly practices, superior safety ratings and quality materials for products that last. Our 15-year quality guarantee ensures a lasting, lush look for the life of your lawn. Make the smart choice for your company with Turf Now!® Los Angeles’ synthetic grass to increase business and polish the image of your brand.

Image. Maintain the image of your business with environmentally-friendly artificial turf, so everyone knows your company stands for the future of the planet. Soy-based backing and recyclable materials are gentle on the planet and easy on your budget, too. Artificial grass installations* can result in up to 70 percent savings on monthly water bills so your investment quite literally pays for itself in just a short period of time.

First Impressions. Clients form first impressions based on the overall look and feel of your business. Dry, patchy grass or a lawn in the process of aeration and other seasonal maintenance will leave negative impressions that cannot be reversed. Select quality Turf Now!® artificial grass which remains lush and green year-round, even after rain or heavy foot traffic.

Safety. Turf Now!® L.A. offers synthetic grass with a drainage rate of 30-inches per hour so your artificial grass also eliminates mud tracked into the building, which not only provides a cleaner workspace, but also creates a safer environment free of slip-and-fall accidents. Corporate landscaping turf weatherproofs your property. Turf Now!® is the only artificial grass company to receive a Class A fire rating on its products, so you know your grass can withstand even summer heat (or barbeques at company picnics).

Cleanliness. In addition to minimizing sitting water after rainfall with a superior drainage rate, Turf Now!® artificial grass is also bacteria resistant. Corporate settings are the perfect breeding ground for germs and illness, but it is also crucial for employees to remain healthy and productive. An artificial grass installation* can reduce the amount of bacteria to keep everyone happy, healthy and relaxed.

Technology. Turf Now!® utilizes the most innovative technology to guarantee the most efficient products on the market. Made with sustainable materials, Turf Now!®’s nylon grass fibers are more durable than ever. A lasting product with a quality guarantee ensures your lawn maintains the

When it comes to lasting decisions that impact your business, Turf Now!® understands it’s important to select the highest quality product the first time to avoid costly mistakes in the future. Choose the brand that’s been trusted with corporate and residential lawns for years. Our experience in the industry and superior products make Turf Now!® L.A. the first choice for artificial lawn needs. Contact a landscape design expert today for a consultation to suit your business’ needs.