Common Myths About Turf Now!®’s Artificial Grass

There are many common myths about artificial grass. Many of these myths come from the idea that all synthetic turf, or “fake grass,” is constructed the same as it was 50 years ago when the product was first conceived. Like every invention, innovations have improved upon artificial grass, making it safer, more durable and better performing. Exposing these common myths may help decide whether or not artificial turf is right for you.

Myth: It is not safe for kids or pets.

Many natural backyards that are under constant use from kids and pets tend to have holes and divots that can cause injury. These holes can also create pools of water for insects and other pests that could be harmful to children and pets. Having artificial turf installed* eliminates these problems. Most injuries occur from falling outside while playing; especially when there is playground equipment, systems such as the Turf Now!® Playground System is actually designed to protect children from falls a high as 10 feet.

Myth: Synthetic grass is toxic

There are many concerns as to whether or not the infill, or crumb rubber, in artificial grass is toxic or not. While the debate still goes on, Turf Now!® does not use crumb rubber as their infill. Turf Now!®’s products are so durable that they do not need infill in most of its products and in the products that do require infill, silica sand is used for ballast, thus eliminating the idea that Turf Now!® products are toxic.

Myth: Artificial turf gets very hot

While some artificial grasses may heat up in the warmer months and become unbearable to walk on, Turf Now!®’s exclusive manufacturing dissipates heat build-up and reduces fiber emissivity by as much as 20% cooler than similar products. There are also no known cases of anyone receiving any kind of burn as a result of artificial turf surfaces.

Myth: Synthetic turf is bad for the environment

Turf Now!®’s products are green and actually reduce your carbon footprint. Natural grass will need to be watered and maintained through the use of lawn equipment that produces carbon emissions. Our synthetic grass has low maintenance and conserves water; which is crucial in California’s time of drought. Turf Now!® products also have more environmentally friendly products made of recycled materials.

Myth: Artificial grass can be expensive

Costs always vary by the size of the projects. While there may be a higher initial cost to have an artificial lawn installed*, money will be saved in the long run just from savings in water bill and maintenance costs alone. Since artificial lawns have a life span of 15 years, it will pay for itself in just 3 to 4 years. As an added benefit, California is offering its citizens the chance to rebate their new installations* to help pay for the installation*.

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