Community Examples: California Theme Parks and Other Entertainment Venues Look at Alternative Landscaping Options

California is home to numerous entertainment and family fun venues, from theme parks and concert grounds to even your local shopping arena. However, operating a business in California is, well, expensive! In order to accommodate the Los Angeles market (which just surpassed 10 million residents according to the L.A. Times), there are many needs for more amenities, such as a wide variety of food and drink opportunities, ample operating bathroom stalls and efficient security measures. With the need to ensure that everything is operating correctly and having adequate staff to accommodate the large potential of visitors, cutting costs in other areas is a welcome opportunity for businesses!

In addition to the water conservation measures in place for residents and business owners in California, it’s no wonder more are making the switch to synthetic landscaping. By choosing to install* an artificial lawn landscaping surface, business owners can expect to see a significant savings in water expenses and grounds keeping budgets. In fact, according to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, for every square foot of synthetic grass or xeriscape landscaping, home and business owners can expect to save 55 gallons of water per year!

Another benefit synthetic grass has for commercial property managers is LEED credits. The synthetic grass options available at Turf Now!® L.A. are eligible for contribution towards LEED credits, a government green building certification businesses can earn when utilizing green products and providing renewable, clean energy. Items that apply towards LEED credits include the use of green products like solar-powered energy, artificial grass, rubber mulch, low-flow toilets and faucet systems and more!


Owners and managers of outdoor entertainment and family fun venues can also be assured that they are being considerate of their visitors. For example, switching from traditional sod landscaping to a synthetic turf option shows consideration for those suffering from grass allergies. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, one out of every five Americans most likely has allergies, and the most common indoor/outdoor allergy triggers include grass and weed pollen! Just imagine the level of comfort kids can have playing on a surface that will not cause rashes and bumps from grass allergies!

Turf Now!® products have quite a bit of benefits for commercial property managers. Get started on your switch today by receiving some FREE samples!

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