Community Examples: Schools Make More Eco-Friendly Choices

How many eco-friendly benefits do today’s schools offer the community and to the economy? With many eco-friendly initiatives in Ventura County or Orange County, school administrators can set an to their communities and serve a purpose beyond academic education.

While it is true that the grounds and buildings serve as a place to teach students, parents, siblings and the community are exposed to the examples the school offers to their own worldview for ecological living and can learn a lot from the way that the school approaches environmentally-friendly initiatives.

What Are Some Areas Where Schools Can Take A More Green Approach For The Community?

Generating own power through solar panels and transformers

Installing solar panels at schools can be costly but radically reduce energy costs and pay for themselves over the lifetime of the products. Most solar panel companies offer solid warranty programs for the panels to ensure long-term cost savings. More and more schools are making the switch to this alternative energy source.

Cut Down on Landscaping Costs

Many schools nationwide have been switching to synthetic turf for their landscaping and sporting fields. Artificial grass allows school districts to spend fewer resources on landscapers and the weekly headaches of rider mowers, weed eating and other landscaping tasks. By removing the need for gas to fuel lawn mowers and water for irrigation, schools can save money as well. As an added benefit, Turf Now!® playground grass and athletic field turf has been shown to reduce injuries, resulting in Turf Now!® receiving the John Preston Award for Child Safety, an honor given annually to a group or organization that has made a difference in creating S.A.F.E. play areas for children.

Installing Interior Energy Saving Products

Because not every classroom is in use during every waking hour of the school day, it is a beneficial idea to install sensor standby lights to automatically shut off when there is no movement after a set time and not turn on until someone makes movement within the room. Bathrooms are another area to focus on for water conservation.
Low-flow toilets allow for water conservation because there are two flush functions dependent on waste type. They offer easy to follow instructions and can dramatically save costs in water bills. Other electrical and water improvements include energy-saving light bulbs and electrical components, as well as eco-friendly sink faucets.

Schools are a great community example and can influence families to make similar positive changes in their own households. Start making changes to your academic institution today!

Turf Now!® of Orange and Ventura Counties provides stunning artificial lawns as a drought-conscious product for parks, commercial building complexes and schools in Los Angeles. This water saving solution is especially effective in sunny California and can inspire a lifetime of eco-friendly habits in students and their families! Get started with your free consultation today!