Emissions From Gas-Powered Mowers Disappear Where Artificial Grass Takes Root

If you are still using a gas mower to cut your lawn, Turf Now!® would like you to stop and consider some breathtaking facts. Did you know that gas-powered mowers account for up to five percent of the nation’s air pollution? Or that over 17 million gallons of gas are spilled each year in the act of refueling lawn equipment? Or that one gas mower spews well over 80 pounds of harmful C02 and over 30 pounds of other harmful pollutants into the air every year?

The good news is that gas mowers are nowhere near a necessity. In fact, mowers of all kinds are easy to remove from your lawn care equation when you make the switch to Turf Now!® artificial grass. Not only are our artificial grass products the most realistic and easy to maintain in our industry, they are also an avenue by which you can lower your personal environmental footprint.

None of us sets out to harm the environment, but in the interest of maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing lawn many of us have continued using gas-powered mowers. Here at Turf Now!®, we are making the point that gas mowers are a relic of the past, and that in fact lawn maintenance itself can be a thing of the past should you choose to go the artificial route.

Imagine a perfect-looking lawn that requires little to no maintenance while completely eliminating your share of the pollutants contaminating our air. If it sounds too good to be true it isn’t. In fact it happens every day with Turf Now!®’s help.

Be a friend to the environment, and secure the perfectly-manicured lawn of your dreams in the process. Say goodbye to the scourge of gas-powered movers once and for all, and hello to the beauty of Turf Now!® artificial grass.