Five Reasons Artificial Turf Increases Safety in Play Areas

Artificial grass has gained plenty of traction in the last few years thanks to its cost-effectiveness and water-saving benefits. Turf has proven itself to be one of the most versatile landscaping options, too, finding its way into restaurants, fitness centers, and more. 

One application where artificial grass is incredibly beneficial is play areas. Here’s why we love turf for keeping kids safe, happy, and healthy!

#1: Synthetic Grass Has Better Shock Absorption to Cushion Falls

Despite how often kids trip and fall, many play areas aren’t designed with shock absorbency in mind. Common materials like gravel and woodchips don’t do much to cushion their fall – in fact, they often lead to extra scrapes and bruises!

Turf is a soft place to land. Gentle on the skin and extra-padded, synthetic grass play areas are the superior choice for breaking falls.

#2: Turf is Bacteria-Free

Where children go, germs follow. Unlike other materials, our playscape turf includes an antimicrobial infill that prevents bacteria growth. This helps keep your crew cleaner and healthier.

#3: It’s Free From Toxic Chemicals Used on Natural Grass

Natural grass isn’t actually all that “natural”. Especially in arid climates, most grass has to be sprayed with tons of chemicals to keep it green, growing, and pest-free. All of those pesticides and fertilizers can easily make their way onto children’s skin and into their delicate airways.

Turf stays plush and green all on its own, so there’s no risk of toxic ingredients impacting your kids. 

#4: Artificial Grass Playscapes are Allergen-Free

Grass and pollen allergies can take all the fun out of a day at the park! Luckily, artificial grass playscapes are a welcome relief from seasonal allergens. 

Because it’s inorganic, you never have to worry about turf being a potential irritant. Plus, it’s easy to keep clean; a simple rinse with a hose will take care of any pollen that’s made its way onto the surface.

#5:  No More Pests

Perhaps just as frustrating as allergies are mosquitos. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf has exceptional drainage to prevent water from pooling on the surface. This deters mosquitos and prevents those pesky bites on your kiddos.

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