Get Paid by Switching to Artificial Grass

Keeping a lush, green lawn can be timely and costly, especially for residents in California in the time of a drought. Because of the drought, the Department of Water and Power, DWP, has had to purchase about 70 to 80 percent of their water from outside sources. Since then, the DWP has been implementing various ways to reduce water consumption such as low-flow shower heads. In 2009, the DWP has put into works a plan to help reduce water consumption while saving home-owners money in the process. By switching your lawn with more California-friendly vegetation like shrubs, vine, trees, succulents, perennial plants, and artificial turf, you could save thousands of dollars. The DWP will even throw in money for using weather-based irrigation and Eco-friendly sprinkler systems.

Initially in 2009, the DWP paid home-owners $1.50 a square foot to replace their lawn. This program has convinced over 800 households to change their lawns, converting over one million square feet of grass. Granted Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in America, it’s a start. Now the DWP has sweetened the honey pot, granting $2 for every square foot of grass to bring in more people for the conversion. To get approval for the DWP rebate, you must convert over 250 square feet and the home-owner must get pre-approved for the changes.

You may think that having an artificial lawn could be costly; this kind of initiative could pay for a third, if not half the job. The DWP package has a kit to replace a sprinkler head with tubing to irrigate roots for any real plant life you may want. Most sprinkler systems water the lawn like they are meant to; however, the majority of the water is either blown into the wind, evaporated or runs out into the street. The DWP claims that replacing your overhead irrigation with a drip irrigation system is where the real savings will take place. Over time, the yard will pay for itself.

Los Angeles isn’t the first city to have such an initiative. Mesa, Arizona and Austin, Texas also has similar rebates to have their lawns converted. Turf Now!® LA is proud to offer artificial turf for the residents of California. We specialize in installing* top quality synthetic grass that’s guaranteed to make your yard look amazing. Take advantage of this initiative and contact Turf Now!® at 818-408-4639 for a free sample or estimate today!