Greener Living for Your Pets

With California’s major concern regarding recent droughts and the need for water conservation, many people are trying to find better ways to keep their yards looking lush and green, as well as also trying to keep their pets happy at the same time. The EPA estimates that up to 70 percent of household water goes towards outdoor irrigation usage. While some homeowners are opting to simply let their front garden and backyard lawns die, others are making the switch to artificial grass, which leaves them much more content. Not only will making the switch to artificial grass benefit homeowners due to reduced water bill payments, but there are also a number of advantages to installing* a Turf Now!® Pet System in the backyard.

Working with homeowners, Turf Now!® makes sure that each Pet System fits the needs of the homeowner as well as their beloved pets. There are several considerations one needs to make before installing* synthetic grass for their pets, which will ensure that each product is suitable for their property, including the following:

  • What is the size of the animal?
  • How big is the landscape or run?
  • How much time does the pet spend in the area?
  • Is the pet destructive to the yard?
  • Any personal preferences?

Aside from being more environmentally friendly and helping to conserve water, there are many other benefits to having artificial lawn areas for your pets. Since you do not need to water the grass, there is no need to worry about pets rolling around in wet and muddy spots that inevitably stain their fur. This also means no more worrying about pets tracking mud back into the house! And with ZeoFill, a 100 percent natural and environmentally safe odor-absorbing crystal, unpleasant pet waste-related odors can be easily controlled.

At Turf Now!®, we know how much you love your pet and how much they will love to be able to spend plenty of time year-round on lush, green grass. Please contact us to find out how we can install* your very own Turf Now!® Pet System today.