Guide to Choosing a High-Quality Synthetic Grass

Are you considering synthetic grass installation for your home or business? Knowing what separates good turf from great turf is the first step in ensuring excellent results! Premier synthetic turf is set apart by a few key factors. We break them down below to help you nail your next project.

Quality Turf Has Proven Durability

Your lawn isn’t just there to look pretty; it’s the setting for everything from weeknight soccer practices to family BBQs. Because of how much foot traffic your yard gets, it’s pivotal that you invest in turf with proven durability.

At Turf Now!, we’re proud to install the industry’s leading turf materials. Our products are made with the highest-quality backing and a rigorous tuft-binding process to maximize durability. To back our claims, we provide every client with a 15-year warranty on landscaping turf and an 8-year warranty on putting green styles!

UV-Resistance Prevents Ensures Longevity

Your lawn will be constantly exposed to the sun, which means the blades should be protected from the sun. Otherwise, your lawn can lose its natural appearance as UV rays break down the color pigments and polymers.

Advanced synthetic grass contains UV-resistant pigments that prevent sun damage. Our turf will stay green and soft for years after installation day, even if you live in a hot, sunny climate!

Great Artificial Grass Installations Look Natural

Though originally designed as a practical solution for indoor sports centers, turf technology has evolved tremendously over the years. Today’s high-quality landscaping turf is nearly indistinguishable from natural grass. 

To achieve a lush, natural-looking landscape, look for turf that’s made with polyethylene or polypropylene fibers as opposed to nylon. Your artificial turf installer can also help you find a turf style that blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape! 

Effective Drainage System

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf can’t absorb rainwater or liquid waste from pet use. Therefore, an intelligently designed drainage system is essential to prevent odors, mold, and mildew – especially if you have dogs!

At Turf Now!, we offer only the best artificial grass to ensure our clients get exceptional ROI. If you’re navigating the market and have questions about what turf is right for your next project, we’ve got answers! For more information about our residential and commercial artificial turf installation services, give us a call at 213-577-2757 or contact us online today!