Here’s How Synthetic Grass Raises Your Home’s Value

When you own a home, you’re always made updates with property value in mind. When it comes to landscaping, artificial turf installation is a great option that will benefit your family now while boosting home value for the future.

From aesthetics to maintenance, we’ve compiled some of the best ways that synthetic grass installation can improve your property value!

Synthetic Grass Installation Elevates Curb Appeal

Your front yard is the first thing neighbors, guests, and potential buyers will see, so it’s important to make a good impression. High-quality artificial turf is a foolproof way to make your landscape look pristine!

Low-maintenance and resistant to foot traffic damage, our turf stays plush and evergreen throughout every season – even if your region is prone to droughts and water use restrictions! We’ll even back it with a 15-year warranty.

Turf is Cost-Effective

The water needed to maintain natural grass doesn’t just take a toll on the environment; it’s bad for your wallet, too. Landscaping maintenance can skyrocket your water bill, and that doesn’t even account for the fertilizers and pesticides often required to maintain your lawn!

Artificial turf is a welcome relief from the costs associated with natural grass. You (and potential future buyers) will enjoy low-cost landscaping that still looks and functions great. 

Artificial Grass Requires Minimal Maintenance

Natural grass can be laborious to maintain, especially if you have kids and pets. From dealing with dug-up holes to brown patches to weeds, it’s a lot of work to keep your landscape looking clean and presentable, which can deter homebuyers.

High-quality turf is far more resistant to these issues. We’ve included high pull-force resistance, great drainage, and durable backing that minimizes the risk of damage to your lawn. No matter how much foot traffic and play your family puts your yard through, our turf will look great through it all – minimal upkeep required.

Turf is Perfect for Families

When looking for a home, many families are searching specifically for outdoor areas that their kids and pets will love. Pet turf and artificial grass playscapes are excellent options for creating a backyard that everyone can enjoy! 

These materials are intentionally designed with extra drainage, great shock absorption, and high pull-force resistance that help keep families happy and healthy. If you’re considering artificial grass installation for your home, we’ve got the answers to your questions here. To kickstart your next project today, give us a call at 213-577-2757 or contact us online.