Hit the Ground Running with Playground Turf

As a parent, your child is the first thing on your mind in the morning and the last thing you think about before falling asleep at night. You want your child to have every opportunity to grow up smart, healthy and strong so they can conquer each challenge life presents. Start with the gift of fun – a playground system your child will enjoy for years to come. Turf Now!® L.A.’s playground systems offer safe playground solutions to ensure your child can swing, slide and monkey-around in a secure environment.

Safety and health are often a concern for parents of young children, which is why Turf Now!® developed artificial turf with the highest safety standards in mind. Alternative options like mulch, gravel and sand move easily from high-traffic areas, exposing bare ground underneath. Displaced ground cover quickly turns into a safety hazard; not only is a hard surface exposed, but it also presents a tripping hazard for little feet. Turf Now!® understands how important it is to protect your children, which is why our specially-designed synthetic grass incorporates many safety features such as:

  • Class 1 fire ratings
  • Adherence to IPEMA standards
  • CSA-approved fall attenuation
  • Fall protection from as high as 10-feet
  • Hypoallergenic grass fibers

Cleanliness is key with synthetic grass. Grass stains are a thing of the past with artificial playground turf, so children can play without fear of upsetting Mom. Slips and falls are under control, too! A drainage rate of 30-inches per hour means your child can play outside even after heavy rainfall. You’ll never clean muddy footprints out of the carpet again.

Maintenance is easy with a Turf Now!® playground system. While sand might require constant replacement and rubber surfaces become hot and brittle in the summer months, Turf Now!® synthetic playground grass remains lush year-round. Heavy traffic TrampleZones™ allow our experts to replace only specific sections of grass without replacing the entire lawn to save you money and to get your little ones back on the playground faster.

Give your child the gift of a brighter future with Turf Now!® synthetic grass. Water rebates for Los Angeles residents and regular savings on your water bill mean more money in your pocket, so you can confidently plan for your child’s future. Turf Now!® also uses recycled products in our turf backing to help ensure a brighter, greener tomorrow for your child.

We work hard so your children can play hard. Turf Now!® playground systems are designed with your family in mind to keep safety, maintenance and convenience at the forefront of our business promises. Our Turf Now!® L.A. associates love synthetic turf and we spread the word about our amazing products whenever possible. For free samples, estimates and more, contact a sales professional. Discover more for your child today!