How Can Artificial Grass Help Improve Golf Performance?

Artificial golf grass from Turf Now! is an ideal surface for golfers to enjoy the game in Los Angeles, CA and other California communities. Our synthetic golf turf is captivating, incredibly durable, safer, and low maintenance, making it highly playable. Using our artificial grass for golf to practice and play on may even improve your golf performance!

If you’re serious about your game, installing an artificial turf putting green, short course, or mini-golf course in your backyard is a no-brainer. By having a space to practice at home, you can work on your game whenever you want without having to worry as much about the weather or the condition of the greens at your local course. And, since you will be more comfortable practicing privately at home, you can work on those tough shots that often give you trouble when you are out on the course.

There are multiple advantages to having a private artificial grass putting green, short course, or mini-golf course installed by the team from Turf Now! Here are the top five: 

  1. Practice your short game anytime you want
  2. Minimal maintenance
  3. Customize it to suit your style
  4. Practice regardless of the season
  5. Save money on expensive memberships

Let’s review them in greater detail:

You Can Play Whenever You Want

With your own synthetic turf putting green, you can play whenever you want! You don’t have to wait for tee times or for your local course to open. Enjoy the sheer convenience of playing any time of day or night. This is a tremendous way of polishing your golfing skills since it allows you to put in extra hours without having to worry about disturbing other golfers.

Backyard putting green from Turfnow

Minimal Maintenance

One of the best things about having a private artificial grass putting green is not having to worry about maintenance. Our synthetic turf for golf does not need watering, mowing, trimming, or fertilizing to maintain its full, luscious look. All you need to do is gently rake it on occasion and hose it down to keep it clean! This is a huge time saver that allows you to focus on what’s more important: improving your golfing game.

You Can Customize The Green To Suit Your Playing Style

When you have a private synthetic turf putting green installed in your yard, you can choose the type of turf that best suits your playing style. For example, do you want a fast green that rolls true or a slower green that gives you more control? Do you want a green that is firm and springy or one that is soft and forgiving? With so many different synthetic turf options available, the team from Turf Now! can help find the perfect match for your game and lifestyle in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Malibu, or even San Diego, CA.

Practice Regardless Of Season

While public golf courses still play a vital role in golfing, they are not always open when you need to practice. For instance, they typically close during inclement weather. This can include winter months, rainy days, or even extremely hot days. For golfers, this translates to a lot of downtimes. Thankfully, you never have to worry about these issues with a private artificial grass golf course from Turf Now! Instead, you can practice or play regardless of the season, weather conditions, or any other reason your local course decides to close for the day.

Save Money On Memberships

Public golf course memberships can be incredibly expensive depending on amenities offered and location! This is in addition to the cost of commuting, which can also be costly and an inconvenience due to traffic. A far better alternative is to install a private synthetic turf golf course or putting green. With the signature artificial golf grass from Turf Now!, you can reduce or even eliminate the costs of commuting to distant golf clubs and their recurring membership fees.

Contact Us For More Information

If you want to significantly enhance your golf game and make a statement the next time you compete in a big tournament or even against friends, install an artificial grass putting green or golf course from Turf Now! at your residential or commercial property in Los Angeles, CA. With our synthetic golf turf in your backyard, you can avoid exhausting and costly commutes in Southern California. Instead, you can train and play at your leisure regardless of the time of year or season. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free consultation for your backyard artificial grass putting green!