How Does Artificial Grass Keep Your Pet’s Paws Safe?

Owning a dog means spending lots of time outside – however, not all outdoor areas are created equal. There are some landscaping options that are far safer for your pets than others. Artificial pet turf is one of those options! 

Intentionally designed for their delicate paws, pet turf is one of the best ways to keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy. If you’re considering artificial grass installation for your home, park, or doggy daycare, here are some benefits to keep in mind!

Synthetic Grass Keeps Paws Clean and Bacteria-Free

While dog owners may prefer its aesthetic appeal, very few are aware of the hidden risks associated with natural grass. Exposure to the elements leaves even the most well-cared-for natural grass lawn susceptible to bacteria, which, in turn, can latch onto your dog’s paws during playtime.

Concerned pet owners have no need to be afraid as synthetic turf from Turf Now! offers a solution that keeps your dogs safe. Because artificial grass is made with synthetic materials, the breeding ground for bacteria that once existed is no more. This means you can let your pup run free without any of the stress!

Pet Turf Helps to Prevent Scrapes and Splinters

When dogs play together, minor injuries can occur. You can’t prevent all of them, but you can make their play areas as safe as possible to prevent scrapes, bruises, and splinters.

Pets are more likely to get hurt on hard surfaces like wood decks and concrete patios. Artificial pet turf provides a soft, shock-absorbant space where they can roll around as long as they like. That’s more time playing fetch and less time tending to minor injuries.

Synthetic Grass Minimizes Broken Nails

Whether you’ve got two legs or four, breaking a nail can hurt! Concrete and asphalt increase the risk of your dog splitting a nail when they run. Similarly, natural grass can cause them to break a nail because they can get caught in roots or weeds.

Pet turf is designed to prevent broken nails. Soft, weed-free, and made with high pull-force resistance, artificial grass installation is ideal for keeping your dogs’ nails intact.

Paw protection is just where the benefits of artificial turf begin! At Turf Now!, we’re passionate about providing our clients (dog parents and otherwise) with high-quality, cost-effective landscaping solutions. From drastically reduced maintenance to water conservation, our synthetic pet turf will have you wishing you’d installed it soon. For more information, give us a call at 213-577-2757 or fill out our online contact form today.