How Synthetic Turf Withstands Heavy Use

Let’s face it. You’re rough on your grass. Whether damage occurs from your little ones or your pets, lawns show wear and tear pretty quickly. Sod is also quite a nuisance when it comes to upkeep, grass or dirt stains and weed control!

Turf Now!® saw these challenges and continues to boast the benefits of synthetic grass to homeowners and commercial business owners nationwide and internationally! Only Turf Now!® features a polyethylene and polypropylene strand created to help fight against UV damage and provide heat control. Did we mention this technology also helps strengthen the grass fibers, causing our turf to be more resilient than other synthetic lawn options available?

>Resilience is important when it comes to combatting long, tough nails from dog’s paws or the constant walking (or running) on the same path within a courtyard or a personal yard. It is also important underneath children’s play equipment, especially in high traffic areas such as underneath swings or slides. Because our products have been certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), there have been an increase in requests for synthetic grass surfacing for city park and school playgrounds.

a small children's playground

Five reasons artificial turf is more kid-friendly than traditional sod, and the top reason was softer landings. Kids fall. Why not have a more safe and comfortable landing product than the tough and unforgiving dirt and sod? The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Playground Guide also encourages the use our synthetic lawns on playgrounds because of the fall protection assisting in falls for up to 10 feet. If a child falls from those heights on un-approved surfacing, they can sustain serious injuries, some of which are potentially fatal.

Water conservation and maintenance are other benefits of making the switch to artificial lawn material. Your landscapers will thank you for the lesser need to maintain weed control or counter brown spots due to uneven watering or pet waste. Your county will thank you for the reduced water usage.

If you have further questions about the benefits and resilience of synthetic turf, talk to our landscaping experts and get your FREE estimate today!

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