How to Decide if Artificial Grass is Right for You

In Los Angeles, artificial grass owners are a selective bunch. They are discerning people who take commitment to their families, homes, and the environment very seriously. They understand artificial grass is a choice that impacts not only themselves, but their lives and community as a whole. This is why Turf Now!® L.A. introduces only the finest quality products to your home and corporate settings. We understand your needs are more than just your own: frequently clients choose artificial grass because it is the responsible choice for their daily needs. Should you become an artificial grass owner? You might relate to these personalities:

You enjoy dining outdoors. Artificial grass makes it easy to enjoy your backyard no matter the weather. Regular grass requires constant mowing, weeding, hedging, and seeding in addition to seasonal care. Drought conditions also make it difficult to maintain regular grass. To maintain lush, natural-looking grass your family can enjoy year-round, talk to an artificial grass expert and explore residential grass options perfect for outdoor dining, family picnics, or reading a book in the sunshine.

You’re environmentally-friendly. Rainfall is a precious commodity, and it’s important to conserve water whenever possible. Artificial grass saves on watering costs in addition to saving you valuable maintenance time.

You’re tired of allergies. Synthetic grass offers a hypoallergenic alternative to regular allergen-producing grasses which produce unintended and pollen. Synthetic grass is a great option for pets, children, and adults alike. Non-abrasive surfaces provide a soft, natural-looking landscape for any home.

You own pets. Turf Now!® offers specially designed pet turf to guarantee your dog or cat can enjoy an afternoon in the sun. Unlike regular grass, artificial turf does not turn brown when exposed to urine. Pests such as fleas and ticks cannot survive on artificial turf, which creates a healthier environment for your pet. Additional upgrades and safety features also guarantee Fido can remain at home with the family where he belongs.

You have children. manufacturing process creates turf that provides a safe, durable play surface for children. A soft, padded layer underneath the turf installation* itself prevents injury from falls as high as ten feet. Your children will feel safe whether they are on the slide or the monkey bars. Additionally, a drainage rate of 30” per hour means your children will always have a dry place to run

You love golf. We mean you really love it. Imagine waking up to a multi-hued sunrise directly out your kitchen window. You enjoy a hearty morning breakfast while reading the paper and casually decide to hit a few golf balls around the yard before heading out to work. This can be your reality. Turf Now!® is able to make your dreams come true with a custom putting green right in your own backyard. Our experts can evaluate your terrain and work with you to create a custom putting green for any skill level.

We stand behind our products 100%. Not only is Turf Now!® artificial grass customized for your needs, but the superior durability and natural look of our grass fibers creates an aesthetically pleasing texture that is easy on the skin. Many artificial lawns come with a warranty which will cover your yard for up to 15 years.

Of course, there are many reasons to install* artificial grass in your home. It’s important to evaluate your lawn use and desires with a professional to ensure the right turf is installed* for your needs. Turf Now!®’s resilient, lush lawns will provide a beautiful backdrop for your family’s social and environmental needs for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation with a Turf Now!® specialist.