Ideas for Using Artificial Grass on Small Patios

Roof, deck, and patio artificial grass from Turf Now! is an excellent choice for expansive and smaller outdoor spaces, including small patios. Many homeowners in Los Angeles, CA and other California communities have switched from traditional grass, concrete, or ordinary wood to artificial turf to enhance their outdoor experience. This is hardly surprising, especially given the various advantages of owning synthetic patio turf; it looks magnificent, maintains its appearance regardless of foot traffic or weather conditions, and requires little to no ongoing maintenance.

Luckily, there are a variety of inventive ideas and applications to consider when installing* synthetic turf on small patios:

Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

Have you ever dreamed of converting your small patio into a beautiful retreat for friends and family? Consider integrating synthetic grass! It transforms any underutilized patio into a comfortable space where you can more easily recline, eat, drink, watch movies, or simply relax. Best of all, artificial grass requires little maintenance, making it an attractive and transformative addition to your patio without becoming a pesky chore to maintain.

Use As An Alternate Kids Play Area

Kids love playing outdoors, but without a sufficient surface to play on, oftentimes, children get stuck playing indoors. Fortunately, synthetic turf is rapidly being viewed as an ideal surface for children’s play. Adding our artificial playground grass to a small patio is a superior way to create a safer outdoor environment for children to play on. Our artificial playground turf is easily cleaned, making it a healthier environment for kids to enjoy. Plus, the synthetic backing of our artificial playground grass helps provide extra cushioning, which can help absorb an impact if a child happens to fall on it.

Artificial grass backyard with playground equipment

Excellent For Pets

Are you looking to unwind on a small, outdoor patio with your beloved pets? Installing* artificial pet grass can help! With our synthetic pet turf, you can transform hard concrete or wood flooring into an inviting space where your pets can play, relax, and relieve themselves. Our artificial pet grass is highly porous, which helps ensure quick and effective drainage. This allows pet owners to clean and maintain their pet turf easily. Plus, it can significantly reduce unpleasant odors!

Why Install* Artificial Grass On A Small Patio In Los Angeles, CA?

Low Maintenance

Whether installed* as an enormous lawn or a section of a patio, artificial grass is low maintenance. You don’t need to spend hours maintaining it every day or weekly. All that synthetic turf requires is for someone to sweep up any debris from the area and give it a good hose down every so often.

Great at Conserving Water

A significant benefit of artificial grass is the reduction in water usage. Artificial grass requires no watering other than quick cleanings, which help homeowners save on water bills and landscaping costs.

Consistently Immaculate

Artificial grass is an optimal solution for people who want to enjoy their patio but do not have the time or inclination to keep it looking pristine. Synthetic turf will retain its full, green appearance without a constant need for watering or mowing. It also provides a comfortable, soft surface for bare feet and children’s play areas.

Easy and Affordable to Install*

Improving your patio is a great way to enhance your home’s appeal. If you’re tired of looking at a bland, color-less patio, it might be time to consider installing* artificial grass. Fortunately, there are many affordable synthetic turf options available today. At Turf Now!, we have extensive experience in selling and installing* artificial turf products, including for small patios. Our team can help you select the best turf for your outdoor space.

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Roof, deck, and patio artificial grass from Turf Now! is a fantastic addition for small patios in California communities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Malibu, and Beverly Hills, CA. Our synthetic turf can add an elegant touch to the overall look and help create a more comfortable and inviting outdoor space. Artificial grass is also a great option for patios because it is low maintenance and highly durable, making it resilient to foot traffic, pets, and children. Each of these factors makes synthetic turf an ideal choice for residential properties looking to transform their patios.

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