Improve Your Golf Game With Your Own Personal Green

Do you have a high handicap in golf? Studies have shown that many golfers (nearly half of those surveyed) have a high handicap because they do not practice their short game. While many countless hours are being spent at driving ranges, the same emphasis is not being put into chipping or putting. Practicing short game will improve technique and overall performance of the game since the majority of shots are done around the hole. The best way to be able to practice and improve your short game would be to contact Turf Now!® to find out how you can get our Putting Green System installed* in your backyard.

Turf Now!® has a wide variety of putting green products. Each golf and putting green can be completely customizable to each client. From products as small as portable putting mats to large-scale golf greens for residential and commercial use, each product was created to ensure that these synthetic turf greens have the same look, feel and performance as real grass.

The Turf Now!® Putting Green Systems is perfect for golfers of any proficiency, making it a great addition for the home. Having a putting green in the backyard enables families to play and practice together as well.  No longer will golfers have to worry about getting rained out on the only day they were able to take off work to get to the golf course. A custom putting green may even increase the value of the home due to being aesthetically pleasing.

If you are interested in adding a custom-built putting green in your own backyard, Turf Now!® has the solution. Contact us today to find out how you can have one installed*!