Keep New Year’s Resolutions with Turf Now!® of L.A.

With 2016 just around the corner, it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Many people resolve to get healthy, work on their relationships, or try new experiences, but did you know your environment has a significant impact on the outcome of your resolutions? Many people set New Year’s resolutions unaware of the effort that goes into achieving them and end up falling short of their goals. Turf Now!® of Los Angeles aims to change all that this year; artificial grass in Los Angeles can make it easy to achieve your goals and be successful with your resolutions.

New Year’s Resolution: Save Money
How Turf Now!® Helps: Homeowners with Turf Now!® have reported saving up to 70 percent on their water bills each month. That amounts to thousands of dollars saved over the course of a year!

New Year’s Resolution: Go Green
How Turf Now!® Helps: Turf Now!® offers some of the highest quality synthetic grass in Los Angeles, which means our residential grass products simply don’t require infill. Turf Now!® of L.A. also uses post-consumer materials and soy-based backing to develop our artificial grass, so you can feel good about your purchase.

New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight
How Turf Now!® Helps: Turf Now!® of L.A. offers some of the most innovative athletic turf on the market today in a variety of colors. Synthetic sports turf has foam padding that absorbs impact and provides stability for training. Our athletic turf looks and feels just like natural grass, so your training will translate easily to the sports field. Exercise has never been more fun!

New Year’s Resolution: Give Back
How Turf Now!® Helps: Turf Now!® is involved in a variety of charitable organizations, including our most recent partnership with FIDO Friendly Magazine’s 7th Annual Get Your Licks on Route 66 pet adoption tour, which helped pets find loving homes for the holidays. Turf Now!® has also partnered with Grand Teton National Park in California to recycle plastic bottles into artificial grass products. Not only does this help save the planet, but it has created jobs in the process, stimulating our local economy.

New Year’s Resolution: Spend More Time with Friends
How Turf Now!® Helps: There is nothing like an inviting backyard to encourage you to call up your old friends and throw an outdoor barbecue! Bring everyone back together and reconnect in your luxurious, low-maintenance backyard.

New Year’s Resolution: Get a Puppy
How Turf Now!® Helps: From Santa Monica to Simi Valley to Thousand Oaks, pet turf in Los Angeles is a smart solution for puppy potty training and safety outdoors. Turf Now!® of L.A.’s pet turf deters digging and repels pests such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Keep your new pup healthy and happy in the New Year with Turf Now!® of L.A.!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your New Year’s resolutions and get started with artificial turf from Turf Now!® of Los Angeles today! Call today and discover the best grass for your home.