Keep Your Pet HealthierWith TurfNow!®’s Pet Turf!

Turf Now!® knows you love your pets, and we do too! That’s why we have an entire synthetic grass line dedicated to pets.

Anxious dogs can often ruin traditional sod in dog runs as they run, dig, jump and roll, especially if they tend to be more destructive. Our synthetic lawns are virtually indestructible and designed to handle a dog’s claws.

Homeowners also typically have the headache of dealing with brown spots or dead grass in their yards where their dogs frequently urinate. The acid in dog’s liquid waste is often too strong for grass to survive because it is oversaturated in a given area. While watering down these areas helps, sometimes the water does not re-oxygenate it fast enough to promote new growth and the photosynthesis process.

As a lawn alternative, Turf Now!® distributes and installs* a special blend of artificial grass blades designed to look like real grass year-round.

Our synthetic lawn products are great for pets’ bathroom areas because liquid waste flows through the porous backing and seeps into the natural ground. If urine odor is a concern of yours, Turf Now!® recommends the use of ZeoFill, which is a naturally formulated mineral product that acts as a sand alternative on your artificial grass to be a protective layer with odor-reducing abilities. It is also safe for pets and children!

Another bonus to choosing synthetic pet turf is pest resistance. Dogs are frequently annoyed by insects like ticks and fleas, which can also affect humans. Artificial grass surfaces are uninhabitable for these pests, so you have less risk of your pet contracting these disease-carrying insects.

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Turf Now!® of Los Angeles is no stranger to pets. We recognize the needs of your pet to have a surface that is safe and clean all the time. Mud, ticks, fleas and brown spots will quickly be a thing of the past once you make the switch to Turf Now!®’s Pet Turf. Still not convinced? Talk to a representative to learn more!