Pet Turf Advantages

We at Turf Now!® have invested a lot of research, time and energy into cultivating our state-of-the- art synthetic grass products to use as pet turf in your own private backyard. A professional artificial lawn will keep your beloved family pet from digging up that beautifully lush garden area that you have grown so fond of.

There are a few reasons why a pet might dig, but the most common relates to rodents and other pests. A dog will most likely dig at the base of fences and shrubbery when they are in the process of hunting for pesky backyard prey, such as moles and gophers. With a synthetic grass surface, there is no place for these furry little nuisances to pop their heads up from under the ground. This means that there is no possibility of such annoyances to start taunting your pet and causing them to dig up your backyard unnecessarily.

Not only does our artificial turf surface help to discourage the presence of varmints, but it also helps with eliminating the existence of diseases caused by fleas and ticks. With more than 2,000 types of fleas out there, and with ticks being the leading cause and carrier of Lyme disease, it only takes one of these bothersome little terrors to cause a nightmare for both you and your adorable pet.

Turf Now!®’s wide variety of synthetic turf will keep your pet from digging up the backyard, and it will also help minimize pet clean up. Our products offer the following advantages:

  • Zero dirt and mud
  • No brown patches from pet messes
  • Purging the spread of pet diseases from fleas and ticks
  • Exclusive odor control and drainage system

Synthetic turf installed* in the place of natural grass for your pet’s yard or dog run is becoming one of the most effective things you can do if you want to leave a lasting positive imprint on the environment while also creating safe, healthy surroundings for your entire family, especially of the four-legged variety. If you would like to learn more about installing* one of our Turf Now!® synthetic turfs for a pet run setting, please contact us today for a free consultation!