Playgrounds are Safer and Easier to Maintain with Synthetic Grass from Turf Now!® LA

Kids at play can be hard on natural playground grass, and grass can be hard on them, too! Active kids can wear out real grass in no time, leaving patches of dirt that are not only unsightly, but unsafe, because they won’t properly cushion a child from a fall. Grass can also stain kids’ clothes and often contains the residue of harsh fertilizers and lawn chemicals that. That’s why Turf Now!® synthetic grass makes a great surface for playgrounds, play areas, parks and sports fields.

Sure, we install* quality Turf Now!® products that make yards look great without mowing, watering or meticulous care that consumes your entire weekend. That doesn’t mean Turf Now!® is just for show! Building play areas that are safer and more fun for kids is one of the best uses for our Los Angeles artificial grass.  Turf Now!® is better not only than natural grass, it’s miles ahead of other playground surfaces such as concrete, sand, gravel, rubber mulch or wood chips. American-made Turf Now!® also outperforms the many cheap imitation grasses on the market.

In the Los Angeles area, water is our most precious natural resource – a resource that we want to preserve for our children and for many generations beyond. Conserving water resources is another great reason for using Turf Now!® turf for play areas, and keeping water bills low is an added bonus! At those times when it does rain, Turf Now!® synthetic turf can keep up with the heaviest downpours, draining at a rate of 30 inches per hour. Unlike real grass, our turf won’t get soaked and become unusable.

Turf Now!® playground turf is safe because it has a stable foundation of protective padding underneath that protects children when they fall (as they inevitably will!) Turf Now!®’s® playground turf systems are certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) to mitigate injuries from falls as high as 10 feet.

Turf Now!® does this without “crumb rubber” infill, those tiny pieces of rubber that are used in many brands of artificial turf to keep the blades upright. Those bits of recycle tires are picked up on kids’ clothes and shoes and wind up getting tracked everywhere! Most Turf Now!® synthetic turf products are designed to require no infill. Turf Now!® turf also includes a realistic “thatch zone” that simulates the dry, cushiony material that builds up naturally around base of the blades of real grass. This simulated thatch layer makes Turf Now!® look more realistic and feel softer.

Of course, with intensive use by energetic kids, even durable Turf Now!® turf can eventually wear down in the most high-traffic areas. Fortunately, Turf Now!® developed the TrampleZone™ system, which allows worn high-traffic spots to be easily changed out with a new piece of artificial turf. There’s no need to replace an entire playground or play area just because of a few worn spots!

Check out for more information about Turf Now!® and to see pictures of Turf Now!® LA’s playground turf installations*. Call us today at 844-739-5296for your artificial turf needs whether for your play area, lawn, pet area, backyard putting green or for commercial turf applications.