Reduce Screen Time This Summer With Multipurpose Synthetic Turf

If reducing your family’s screen time was your resolution this year, you’re far from alone. Even in the summertime, many of us find ourselves glued to our devices rather than enjoying the outdoors.

Cutting down on phone usage has proven benefits for the mind, so why is it so hard to achieve? Optimizing your environment is a great way to encourage yourself, your family, and your guests to spend more time with one another instead of scrolling. 

Here’s how renovating your outdoor spaces with artificial turf can help you meet your screen time goals!

Make Your Outdoor Spaces More Functional With Turf

If your backyard isn’t functional, it’s going to be harder to spend time in it. Concrete patios, dead natural grass, and neglected gardening don’t exactly encourage the family to break out the frisbee.

Artificial turf provides a lush, shock-absorbant space perfect for all your favorite outdoor activities. It’s the perfect place to practice your putting on an artificial grass putting green or play a few rounds of catch!

Create Greener, More Inviting Landscaping

When your landscaping is looking worse for wear, you’re less likely to volunteer to host the next family BBQ. Natural grass doesn’t always look great (especially if you’ve got lots of foot traffic or pet usage).

Synthetic grass stays green and plush all on its own. What better backdrop for picnics, field days, and birthday parties? And, because it’s so soft, there’s no need to stress when the kids (or adults) decide to run around.

Pet Turf Keeps Your Dogs Happy and Healthy

Spending time with your pet will beat scrolling through social media any day! Installing pet turf at home means you’re never more than a few steps away from your next game of fetch.

We’ve included extra-efficient drainage and great pull-force resistance, so you never have to worry about odors or damage. 

Fewer Allergies Means More Reasons to Stay Outdoors

Natural grass contains a number of allergens, and who wants to go outside when they can’t stop sneezing or are worried about a reaction? 

Artificial turf installation is free from common allergens like pollen and insects. Not to mention natural grass itself, which many are allergic to. That means more of your friends and family can enjoy your outdoor spaces with you with no need to worry about a reaction.

Synthetic Grass Frees Up Your Weekends

Watering, mowing, and fertilizing cost time and resources. Replacing your natural grass with synthetic turf reduces the amount of time you’ll spend on maintenance, freeing up energy for you to actually enjoy your backyard!

If you’re curious about how artificial turf works or think it might be the right fit for your family, you’ve found the perfect place. Turf Now! is one of the nation’s leading choices for turf solutions the whole crew will love. Contact us today for a free consultation.