Save Time and Money While Conserving The Environment With a Turf Now!® Synthetic Turf Installation

Everybody loves convenience, and Turf Now!® is putting the lie to the idea that having a great looking yard is a matter of time and money. As the largest manufacturer and installer* of synthetic turf products in the industry, they’ve made a consistent habit of fostering a culture of customer service excellence through synthetic grass products that save their customers time and money while reducing the environmental carbon footprint of traditional landscaping. From green and pristine artificial lawns to the convenience of backyard putting greens that emulate those found on the finest golf courses, Turf Now!® and its high performance, low maintenance applications are leading the way in a competitive industry.

What makes Turf Now!® products such a conduit of conservation when it comes to time, money and your environmental footprint? Consider the following benefits:

  • Over 50% reduction in residential water use
  • Time savings since no watering, mowing, fertilizing or other maintenance is required
  • Reduced carbon emissions due to no lawn equipment needed
  • Over 60% of the petroleum-based polyurethane is replaced with soybean oil
  • 100% lead-free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Post-manufacturing waste is re-used
  • Lower impact on local landfills
  • BioCel™ Urethane Coating
  • Celceram™ Secondary Backing

Very few products offer such a wonderful return on your investment, and at the end of the day you’ll get endless enjoyment from a product that redefines what synthetic turf can be in terms of a realistic look and feel that is built to last year after year and regardless of weather conditions.

Turf Now!® synthetic grass is available for a variety of applications, making it a favorite of residential and commercial customers alike. These applications include:

  • Artificial lawns
  • Landscaping turf for homes or commercial buildings
  • Backyard golf greens
  • Indoor putting greens
  • Playground grass, parks
  • Sports turf
  • Pet turf
  • Rooftops, decks and patios
  • Residential and commercial applications

The Turf Now!® advantage is born from over 40 years in an industry in which they have consistently been leaders and innovators. As makers of a synthetic turf that is the strongest and most resilient in the marketplace, Turf Now!® invites you to reap the benefits of its synthetic turf by installing* it at your home or commercial facility.