Sell Spring with Artificial Turf in Los Angeles

There are a lot of reasons to use artificial turf, but did you know increased sales for Los Angeles businesses could actually be one of them? Businesses across L.A. have opted to use natural looking artificial grass not just for their lawns, but for display purposes. The visual impact is one customers will remember for a long time. Artificial turf isn’t just a durable, low-cost way to landscape your company’s lawn – it’s also the perfect way to promote products for spring!


Grass displays help your brand convey an eco-conscious image. Many P.R. companies recommend rebranding to become more environmentally friendly and we’re here to help. Turf Now!® artificial turf is a biobased product that uses soybean oil and recycled plastic products from Grand Teton National Park. When you invest in our artificial turf you aren’t just talking the talk – you’re promoting environmentally friendly practices with green products from Turf Now!®!

Turf Now!® L.A. offers the industry’s most durable artificial turf. Whether you want to landscape the front of your business for a lush look, create an artificial grass runway for models to show off your designs, or even use it to display items as large as vehicles we have options to fit your needs. There is no job our artificial turf cannot handle! Los Angeles is a versatile city, so we have created versatile grass to fit any occasion.

Boost Sales
Artificial grass displays help customers imagine your product as it is meant to appear in their home. This tactic helps boost sales. Patio furniture brands, gardening companies and even fashion brands have commissioned our turf to display their products in a realistic environment. Customers get to see each product in use before purchasing it for their own homes.

Seasonal Displays
Spring just isn’t spring without soft, realistic looking grass. Bring spring into your business by incorporating it into your displays, expos and advertising. Many companies even have noticeable success posing their products on top of artificial turf in their social media posts! Imagine increased engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – all because of well-staged products. More visibility for your business means more sales.

Looks matter when it comes to sales. A product presented attractively with a natural, eco-friendly message makes a much bigger impact on your bottom line than one packaged in a basic box with no thought put into its presentation. Don’t get caught in the myth that consumers focus only on the function of a product – sales is about telling a story. Artificial grass is a tool to help create that picture. Step up your sales game this spring with artificial turf displays to capture the attention of Los Angeles residents!