Small Business Can Benefit From the LADWP Rebate Too

You may have heard about the artificial turf rebate that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power are offering residents of California. In fact, we have discussed the LADWP rebate on how to qualify and apply for this in a previous post. But did you know that small businesses can be approved for the rebate as well? By switching to Turf Now!® and its artificial turf, along with indigenous plants, your business will save money and help California conserve water in its time of drought.

Daily, 600 million gallons of drinking water is delivered to Los Angeles alone, and of that 600 million, roughly half is used to water outdoor plants and grass. Regular grass, especially high-grade natural grass, is most likely the most water-intensive plant in a company’s landscaping. Not only is it expensive to maintain the landscaping to keep it green and presentable, it is also very time consuming. While many businesses feel they are saving money with different water conservation techniques, their water consumption still precedes 60 percent on their irrigation systems.

To incentivize Californian businesses into making the conversion from real grass to artificial, the LADWP now offers $3 per square foot. The LADWP will rebate up to 2,000 square feet of lawn for a maximum cash repayment of $6,000. This also means that they will need to inspect the lawn before it is removed and after the project is completed.

California has a wide variety of plant life, and the LADWP is making sure to educate its citizens about how to utilize these California-friendly and water-wise plants with the help of the Metropolitan Water District of California. These classes will help better educate people in how to install drip irrigation systems, how to select the appropriate plants for the landscape, and more.

If you are interested in converting your natural landscape into a more water friendly solution, contact Turf Now!® today!