Spruce Up Your Yard for Spring

Spring has returned to Los Angeles and Turf Now!® L.A. could not be more excited! It’s time to think about refreshing your yard and patio spaces so they are available for springtime use and entertainment. We offer great artificial grass choices to keep your Los Angeles yard lush and green, but a beautiful lawn is not the only way to create a yard you can enjoy this season.


Install planters in a sunny location where you can grow your own organic fruits and vegetables! Imagine waking up in the morning and picking a fresh, ripe tomato for your omelet or washing just-picked lettuce for your salad that evening. Make new friends by sharing extra food with your neighbors. Urban gardening is one trend that has staying power in Los Angeles. It’s time to get onboard!


Warmer weather draws people outside to barbecue, swim, and relax in the sunshine. This is the right time of year to invest in what we call hardscaping: a term for permanent stone, metal or wooden structures in the yard. You will love the look of a brand new bar next to the grill or a flagstone path leading through the yard to a comfortable seating area.

Patio Furniture

It’s time to dust off the cushions and pull everything out of the shed. Spring is here and that means it’s time to relax outside in your lounger with a cool beverage. Be sure to get extra seating to place around an outdoor table or high-top chairs to place around the bar for entertaining. Consider weather-resistant fabrics like leatherette, which is sweat-proof, waterproof and mold-resistant. This fabric does not scratch and is easy to care for.

Go Low-Maintenance

For most, spring is a time of seeding and planting and mowing. For you, this could be a season of relaxation! We recommend artificial turf for Los Angeles homes not just for the financial and environmental benefits, but also because it saves you time that would otherwise be spent on lawn maintenance. Turf Now!® artificial grass is notorious for its UV resistance, which means it will stay cooler and last longer than competitors’ brands.

While there are a lot of fun ways to dress up your yard for spring, there is one idea we don’t recommend: water features. California’s current water crisis makes decorative fountains, ponds and any kind of flowing water impractical. Avoid installing new water features and consider replacing old water-guzzling installations with something more environmentally-friendly. In fact, many people invest in artificial turf to help save water in Los Angeles while reducing their water bills at the same time.

The key to updating your yard for spring is think about function. Consider what kind of activities you enjoy in your backyard and customize each purchase or installation* to that purpose. We find it’s best to start with a solid foundation; artificial grass creates a low-maintenance surface where all the rest of your springtime fixtures can rest. It looks great year-round and is durable enough to stand up to pets, the kids and even springtime entertaining. Call 818-452-2351 today to speak with an artificial grass expert about setting the stage for a whole new look this season.